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OIV: World Wine Consumption drops for 3rd time in a Row
Continuing with the downward trend, world-wide consumption of wine dropped declined for third time in a row to 2.8 percent in 2020 and was at the lowest level since 2002, according to the figures released by Pau Roca, The Director General of the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV), yesterday at a web Conference at the OIV Headquarters in Paris- entitled State of the Viti-viticultural World. Subhash Arora reports
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OIV: Estimates of World Wine Production in 2019 show Drop of 10%
After an exceptionally high wine production volume in 2018, the 2019 production, estimated at 263 mhl is back to the average level of recent years with the production being in line with the average of 2008-2019, according to Pau Roca, the Director General of the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV) during the press conference held at the headquarters of OIV in Paris yesterday, reports Subhash Arora
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Our Moral Responsibility to value our Heritage and Vino-diversity
Industrialisation of grapevine nurseries is the cause of “genetic erosion” internationally and therefore, there is a need to create the “genetic pool” of vino-diversity, claims Antonio Graca, Co-founder Director of PORVID- Portuguese Association for Grapevine Diversity, writes Sheetal Kadam who was spellbound by his Presentation at the MUST Fermenting Ideas conference in Cascais last month and talked to him at length afterwards
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Vinexpo 2017 the Hottest Wine Show on Earth
The biennial international wine show Vinexpo held in Bordeaux from June 18-21 may have been quite successful and ‘hot’ with several new activities and the usual tastings and grand soirees, but it will go down on record as the hottest show because of unbearable heat and insufficient heat, worse than even 2003 edition when wine bottles had popped on the Sunday opening day due to extra-ordinary heat
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Top Ten Importers 2016-17
Despite the demon of demonetisation raising its chuckling head and the Supreme Court 500m highway ruling, wine importers managed to keep a wry smile as the year ended with a positive note with the Top Ten Importers clocking a 12.67% increase over the previous year, with Pernod Ricard slightly ahead of the traditional leader Brindco, writes Subhash Arora in his Annual Review for delWine, estimating the total consumption at 475,000 cases, thus missing the half-million case mark
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Devastating Frost Bite for Vines in Europe
Many countries in Europe, especially France and Italy have suffered a heavy damage from the Spring Frost but parts of UK and Spain also suffered the devastation in small pocket as Subhash Arora discovered during 3 days of travel within Northern part of Castilla y Leon a few days before judging at Concours Mondial de Bruxelles in its capital city Valladolid
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Fermenting Conference in Portugal a MUST Attend in June
MUST Fermenting ideas is catchphrase for the Wine Summit Cascais 2017, being organised in Cascais, a Coast city near Lisbon, on 7-9 June when around 500 wine professionals and aficionados will congregate to listen to and exchange views with 25 wine experts from five continents, on subjects ranging from Natural wine, old grape varieties, élevage, wine tourism and several other topics of interest, writes Subhash Arora who feels that besides updating the wine knowledge of participants it will help them network with who’s who of the industry and other connoisseurs
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Do Not Sneer-British Fizz is Here
After several earlier attempts to name the increasingly popular English Sparkling Wine, there is now renewed effort to get ‘British Fizz’ get an international recognition even as the well-known wine expert Steven Spurrier and now also an English Sparkling Wine producer feels it is a bit of misnomer, writes Subhash Arora who suggests Indian producers should start thinking of classifying their sparklers perhaps as ‘Dessi Fizz’ as an increasing number joins the effervescent family
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Italy Biggest Wine Producer in 2016 despite Drop
Despite the Italian production estimated to drop by 2% from its last year’s production of 50 mhL, Italy will be the biggest producer in 2016, increasing the gap further with the competing French counterparts who will record a steeper fall of 12% from their last year’s figure of 47.4 mhL, as the Global production is estimated to fall 5% from last year’s level of 274.4 mhL to 259.5 mhL, average of the mid range estimated between 255-264 mhL, according to the figures released today by OIV in Paris
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Columbia Study: Global Warming to change Winemaking Pattern
Some winemakers across the world including India still may not accept that global warming is here or that scientists and agriculturists will find a solution to the problem but a New Study at Columbia University revalidates the already known fact and predicts that grape growing will change its course with many of the current regions going into oblivion or forced to change the grapes in their region even as India faces an unchartered territory
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How Dangerous and Imminent is Climate Change in our Bordeaux Vineyards
The United Nations Conference on Climate Change last December in Paris where about nations congregated, was mercifully such a relative success, especially with regard to Carbon Dioxide or CO2. One thing is quite certain that is that continued uncontrolled increase in the production of CO2 will eventually lead to disaster. Eventually it will affect almost everything including all plant and vegetable life and all respiratory functions, writes John Salvi Master of Wine
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Book Review: The Wines of India by Peter Csizmadia Honigh
London-based Peter Csizmadia Honigh, has written a well-researched, easy-to-read book about Indian wine industry with a detailed history of contemporary wines, current viticulture and winemaking practices, soils and climates and up-to-date account of 50 wineries with their story, estate details and wines with a lot of accurate information useful for oenophiles of Indian wines and the industry and justifying it as ‘A Concise Guide’
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Global Production Steady in 2015 with Italy Leading Producer
According to the initial estimates by OIV, the world wine production in 2015 is estimated to be higher than last year by 2% with Italy 48.9 mhl , ahead of France 47.4 mhl and the USA recording another record year at 22.1 mhl, according to the Director General of OIV, Jean-Marie Aurand who disclosed the figures during a press conference yesterday at the OIV headquarters where he also shared the results of a survey carried out for the rosé still wine sector in collaboration with the Provence Wine Council
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Top Ten Importers 2014-15: Pernod Pips Brindco to the Post
Pernod Ricard has overtaken Brindco as the Top Ten importers of India for 2013-14,thanks to the continued growth of Jacobs Creek wines and Brindco’s strategy to focus on value, despite the former’s wines stuck for months awaiting clearance from the food safety watchdog FSSAI which allegedly resulted in sales reduction by about 10-15% when they had expected to increase by 15-20%, resulting in a drop of 25% of the targets, writes Subhash Arora, based on research and observation throughout the fiscal 2014-15
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Defunct IGPB to be Monumental Embarrassment to India
Death knells are ringing for the Indian Grape Processing Board and when the shutters are downed permanently, it will be a huge embarrassment for the Industry and the country and a back-handed slap for the Make-in-India concept in wine production, for which both the government and the industry have been equally short-sighted and responsible as the time will tell, writes Subhash Arora who feels this is a regressive milestone for the Wines of India brand
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