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Pesco- Mediterranean Diet with Red Wine better for Heart
While Mediterranean diet with fruits, vegetables and lean proteins and a glass or two of red wine has been known to benefit the heart has been recommended for 3 decades, but a new Study published by the Journal of American College of Cardiology (JACC) last week, recommends an improved version that stresses more fish and sea-food and intermittent fasting while limiting red wine to a maximum of two glasses a day, writes Subhash Arora who has been recommending this limit for 15 years.
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Younger Wines healthier than Cellared Wines
If you can not wait to uncork your bottle of red wine, rather than cellar it, you may be doing your health a favour; a new study of 16 wines from Australia and New Zealand has found that the levels of healthy antioxidants, existing mostly in red grapes, decrease significantly over time with researchers reporting the resveratrol with proven cardiovascular, anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetic effects, going down by about 75% over a 16-month ageing
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Wine and Health: Working from Nine to Wine
Wine is a lifestyle drink that is good for health in many ways provided it is consumed in moderation and who can tell it better than Samantha Kaylee, our young, educated and well-to-do American guest writer who took her wine tastings a bit too far and was unwittingly ensnared by the tentacles of alcoholism but fortunately pulled herself out of addiction because of her will power, by engaging in various exercises and Yoga and is now back in control of herself with moderate wine consumption
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US Federal Panel to recommend One-Glass-a Day Wine
In the once-in-a century drama being enacted by Mother Nature, Coronavirus is only the major villain surrounded by several less intimidating events like the earthquakes and the locust swarm that has hit India, the recent news that the influential federal panel has recommended men reduce their alcohol intake to one drink per day rather than two, should be an easy shock to bear, writes Subhash Arora
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Study: Red Wine part of Flavonoid-rich Diet to protect against Alzheimer’s and Dementia
Higher long-term dietary intakes of flavonoid-rich foods, such as berries, apples and tea, and red wine are associated with lower risks of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia, according to a new Study based on the ongoing Framingham Heart Study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, writes Subhash Arora who recommends a flavonoid-rich Mediterranean Diet including a daily glass of red wine for women and two glasses for men, preferably with dinner
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Top 10 Health Benefits of Wine you never knew before
Holidays and any celebration event is incomplete without a bottle of wine. The art of uncorking a bottle of wine, smelling it, and then slowly sipping it in moderation is terrific. Many studies done over the years show the health benefits of wine. Our guest writer Rebecca Siggers shares Top Ten benefits some of them you might not have known before
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New Australian Health Guidelines Recommends 30% less Wine Intake
New Draft Guidelines from National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) of Australia announced on Monday recommends reduced alcohol consumption of 1.4 standard drinks as compared to 2 earlier , setting safe limits for the first time with the guidelines recommending pregnant women and lactating mothers not to drink alcohol at all, reports Subhash Arora
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Moderate Wine Drinking may Reduce Lung Disease
Not much research has been done on the relationship of wine and respiratory health but a recent study conducted by Sweden’s Karolinska Institute and Bristol’s University of the West of England, published in the American Journal of Epidemiology suggests that moderate alcohol consumption may significantly lower the risk of pulmonary disease in men
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Binge Drinking More Harmful for Baby Boomers
Moderate drinking has its proven health benefits but excessive drinking of wine and alcohol is harmful and particularly dangerous for older people, basically baby boomers (60 and above) and according to a new Study published last Wednesday in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society10% of older adults in the US indulge in binge drinking
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Study: Red Wine may mitigate Depression and Anxiety
New research has revealed that Resveratrol found in red wine, displays anti-stress effects by blocking the expression of an enzyme related to the control of stress in the brain, according to a University at Buffalo-led study published in the journal Neuropharmacology on July 15 but it also warns against the health risks of alcohol including addiction
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Resveratrol in Red Wine to Preserve Muscles in Journey to Mars
A new Study conducted by Harvard researchers and published in the journal ‘Frontiers in Physiology’, shows that Resveratrol found in red wine substantially preserves muscle mass and strength in rats exposed to the wasting effects of simulated Mars gravity and may help astronauts preserve their muscle mass during trips in space or future Mars missions, according to a Report by PTI
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J-shaped curve for Alcohol and Risk of Colon Cancer
While heavy alcohol consumption is recognized as a contributor to the development of colorectal cancer (CRC), an increasing number of studies suggest that moderate alcohol consumption may not have an adverse effect on the risk of CRC, or even decrease the risk, according to International Scientific Forum on Alcohol Research
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Plethora of Health Studies to confuse and use for Sales Pitch
Studies on wine and health have picked up pace with both sides of the coin thrown at you at a constant pace putting you in a spin on what to believe and what not to, even as there is a website that merrily describes the unproven and implausible health benefits of white wine without adequate emphasis on drinking in moderation, encouraging hapless consumers to drink more with potentially disastrous effects, writes Subhash Arora who feels producers may be accused of encouraging excessive wine drinking for their benefit by making tall and unsubstantiated claims
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French Health Ministry Warning infuriates Wine Producers
The warning issued by the French health authorities on Tuesday coaxing them to drink less wine and alcohol has not had any immediate impact on the citizens or the media hardly responding but it has infuriated the producers who feel that the warning is misdirected as wine lovers take wine as a food drink and that the Report interferes with the very basic of French life-liberty, fraternity and the pursuit of pleasure
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Drinking Wine may increase Life of Older People
A new study reported in Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) suggests that an occasional drink would not harm, and might even help older people with heart failure and would even help them live longer by a year than teetotalers, though qualifying that people who develop heart failure at an older age and never drank before should not start drinking for health of longevity reasons
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Study: Nosing Red Wine could reduce chances of Lung Cancer
Scientists at University of Geneva, Switzerland (UNIGE) have discovered that Resveratrol, the grape constituent in red wine protects against lung cancer when administered to mice through the nasal route by inhaling and could well work on humans, since ingested Resveratrol can not reach the lungs and by sniffing it instead, your Resveratrol concentration can be 22 times more, according to the Study announced through a Press Release
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