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Bordaeux Vintage 2017-Analysis and Structure (Part 1)
‘Good to very good red wines, fine dry white wines and some great sweet white wines’, is the verdict of John Salvi MW, our Bordeaux-based wine expert , writer and international taster who specialises in the Study of its weather, and terroir, based on his in-depth analysis of all aspects of the Cost, Structure, Yields, Fruit, Alcohol, Tannins, Colour, Acidities. Maturity, Rot, Body and Noble Rots in the world’s most revered wine region, in Part-1 of the much awaited annual 2-part series
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Amorim launches Natural Corks with No- TCA Guarantee
The Portuguese natural cork producing major, Amorim claims to have achieved a major technological breakthrough to become world’s first cork producer to deliver natural cork closures to wine producers in six countries with a non-detectable TCA guarantee, using technology that has not only been successful in trials but is also being independently validated on performance, says Subhash Arora
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French Winemakers Use Science to override Terroir
For long, French have been known to emphasize the terroir factor in winemaking and claiming their wines to be thus unique and superior but a group of winemakers in southwest of France are working on projects using science and technology successfully to create and enhance the flavours from their grape varieties, with a group of co-operatives claiming to have already tripled its sale in five years as a result
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TechTalk: Special Yeasts May Lower Alcohol in Wines
A recent study conducted by Australian researchers in the quest to reduce the increasing alcohol in wines due to global warming, has shown that some special yeasts when used with certain grape varieties help reduce the level of alcohol by a couple of degrees without affecting the flavour and aroma characteristics, thus bringing the focus on yeasts to help reduce alcohol and preserve the flavour of wine
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Improving Pinot Noir using a Microwave
A Burgundy producer would be appalled and a Pinot Noir connoisseur would abhor the very thought but a wine researcher from Tasmania doing the laboratory trials is the first to claim that using a microwave may improve the quality of a Pinot Noir though only commercial trials planned in a few years might be able to establish her claims
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New Phone App to monitor Alc. in Wineglass
The Australian wine company Jacob’s Creek plans to launch the first smartphone app in the world that lets you calculate how many standard alcoholic drinks you have consumed simply by pointing your smartphone at your wineglass.
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Fingertip Alcohol Scanner launched at UK Show
The World’s only finger touch system to detect alcohol levels was launched in the UK at the Commercial Vehicle show held in Birmingham from April 9-11 where TruTouch that uses pioneering technology with 96% accuracy and is capable of determining a person’s level of intoxication in seconds with just a touch of
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French Robots May Help in Vineyards
Robots have been working in manufacturing for decades, but a new robot has been designed specifically to help winemakers prune vines, by a Burgundy based inventor who claims it can prune up to 600 vines each day and despite its high cost of $32,000 it has features that justify the new machine, making several
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An SOS Service for Wineries in Distress
With the sudden increase in wine production and number of wineries in India, there is a likelihood of some difficulty in maintaining high quality standards required to stay afloat. TWC India, a wine consultancy firm with relevant international experience has emerged offering both technical and marketing services to wineries
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Photopurification of wine with UV Technology
A Swiss technology using ultra violet light energy for liquid purification in wine making, known as photopurification technology is gaining momentum, with many winemakers having used the system from a company called SurePure, resulting in less harmful chemical intervention and decreasing the need to add
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