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From Archives 2007 : IFE-India 2007- Record Participation & Turnout
The 5th edition of IFE- India excelled not only in the country and company participation, it had a record attendance of over 6000 people. The 3-day show concluded successfully last Saturday with many of the exhibitors announcing their return next year.
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From Archives 2007 – IFE-India 2007: Record Participation & Turnout
The 5th edition of IFE- India excelled not only in the country and company participation, it had a record attendance of over 6000 people. The 3-day show concluded successfully last Saturday with many of the exhibitors announcing their return next year.
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From Archives (2007): Arora Lambasts Government on Duties at IFE-India
Subhash Arora, President of the Indian Wine Academy, lambasted the government for irrational duties on wines during his sectorial presentation at the inauguration of the 5th edition of IFE-India yesterday.
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From Archives (2007): Wine Feature- A Date with Burgundy Beauties
Wines from Burgundy can vary from mediocre to sublime but they are never boring. Tasting wines from 3 well-known producers organised by Sonarys last week was a delectable experience, says Subhash Arora who was present at Hotel Taj Mahal on the Thursday afternoon.
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From Archives (2007): Feature- Now Drink Gold with Wine
One of the latest arrivals to hit the Indian wine market lets you enjoy Gold in a different fashion-You don’t wear it, just drink it with wine. Tiny 1-micron pure gold flakes floating in the bottle give the Barossa Valley ‘Gold’ Chardonnay shimmering looks besides making it a party protagonist.
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From Archives (2007): Resveratrol in red wine controls diabetes in rats-Study
Even relatively low doses of resveratrol–a chemical found in the skins of red grapes and in red wine–can improve the sensitivity of mice to the hormone insulin, according to a new report published by Science Daily on Monday
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From Archives (2007): Say Prost with Prosecco
The fresh, fruity and frothy sparkling from The Prosecco region is a delicious simple wine that you can have a glass or two of, anytime during the day or with a complete meal. Conegliano-Valdobbiadene belt north of Venice is where over 150 proud producers are concentrated along a 27 kms stretch. Subhash Arora who visited this region recently reports on the seductive charm of the beautiful vineyards and the wine for all occasions.
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From Archives (2007)- Viewpoint: Who should pay for bad wine?
At a wine tasting event organised for a big IT company in Bangalore, one of the wines tasted was distinctly off. Who should bear the cost of such bottle is the question that needs to be addressed sooner or later, writes Subhash Arora who guided these tastings Thursday.
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From Archives (2007): Is this Indian wine label confusing or deceptive ?
Recent introduction of 30 Latt wine seems to suggest explicitly on the lable that the wine has been produced at 30 deg latitude. This is confusing at best and deceptive at worst, says Subhash Arora and suggests the producers should desist misleading the customers.
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From Archives (2007)- Vinitaly 2007: Chianti is favourite with Italians too
Chianti is not only the most common Italian wine in India but is the most popular quaffing wine in Italy too. It was the highest selling D.O. wine in the Italian super markets, according to a survey by AC Nielson for Vinitaly, the 41 st edition of which opened in Verona on March 31 and concludes today.
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From Archives (2007): Bruce Cakebread of Cakebread Cellars, California
When you think California, you think Cabernet. And when you think fine California Cabernets, the name Cakebread cannot escape your mind. I also think of Marie Antoinette, the infamous Queen of France who suggested her poor subjects to eat cake if there was no bread!
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From Archives (2007): Taste of California
California makes the plonk. It makes low-end affordable wines. Fortunately most people are aware that it makes some excellent red and even white wines- even some cult wines at prohibitive prices. The recent 2006 Tasting, a repeat of 1976 Paris Tastings, found California ahead of Bordeaux again in blind tastings.
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Wine Tastings – Labrusca vs. Lambrusco
Labrusca is the American variety of wine grapes ( vitis Labrusca ) found mostly on the East coast of the USA (as compared to the widely used vitis vinifera, a grape variety grown in Europe and now across the world including India,). Wines produced from this variety are foxy in taste (reminding you more of animal fur than fruit- don’t fret if you cannot visualise the smells or flavours).
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From Archives (2007) : ‘Champagne de Pimpane’ to be ‘born again’ soon
Pimpane winery was purchased by Sula Wines over 3months ago from the banks in an open bid. During his recent visit to Nashik, Subhash Arora, President, Indian Wine Academy, was also at this fourth winery of Sula. He reports the progress made
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From Archives (2007) : MadridFusion 2007 Choked Channel of Distribution in India
Heavy import taxes, lack of wine awareness & education and state complex laws are some of the hurdles in the way of increased wine consumption. But the clogged distribution channel is also a significant hurdle in the expansion of market, reports Subhash Arora, President of Indian Wine Academy’
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From Archives (2007) : Chateau Indage acquires Australian winery
Chateau Indage, the biggest Indian winery has acquired 100% equity in Tandou Wines Pty Ltd., a fully owned subsidiary of Tandou Ltd, a listed company in South Australia. Mr. Ranjit Chougule, the Managing Director of the company informed Mr. Subhash Arora , President, Indian Wine Academy,’Our core objectives for acquisition are broadening the range of Indage wines both in overseas markets as well as India’. He added, ‘it also ensures our 400% capacity expansion, from the current one million cases to four million cases through this acquisition.’
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