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The Liquor Warehouse (TLW) in Gurgaon with excellent Potential
After 3 years of Monopoly, Haryana reverting to awarding the Distribution License L1-BF to 8 companies for Re 1 crore each, has already resulted in a modern Covid-protected liquor and wine store with emphasis on hygiene, technology and variety. The Liquor Warehouse (TLW) opening doors on the MG Road Gurgaon a couple of weeks ago has the potential to become the best store in the North in coming months, writes Subhash Arora who visited the store after his Lockdown of 5 months
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West Bengal and Orissa Start Liquor Home Delivery through Apps
What seemed an impossibility just a few months ago, is getting a grudging acceptance from States, with Maharashtra allowing sale of liquor through home delivery, followed by West Bengal and Orissa permitting also the Walmart’s e-commerce website FlipKart partnering with Diageo subsidiary HipBar for home delivery of wines and liquor, writes Subhash Arora who believes if successful, we may soon see online sales and delivery of wine and liquor across India post-Covid, or at least within a State just like in Maharashtra
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Online Wine and Liquor Sales in India on the Horizon
Our bureaucratic system did not allow online sales of alcohol for 20 years but it may soon become a reality, thanks to the long queues outside liquor shops on May 4 and 5 when the government allowed sale of liquor at these shops during the pandemic, with West Bengal taking the lead and soon to allow the likes of Amazon and Big Basket to start selling online, paving way for other States to follow suit, writes Subhash Arora, a strong proponent of online wine sales
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Mumbai Gears up for smooth Home Delivery of Wine and Beer
Keeping in view the immediacy of the problem of sales during the Covid-19 times, retailers in Mumbai are honing the art of home delivery with organised Retail like Nature’s Basket including them in their mobile Apps and importers like the Wine Park and Gusto, focusing on easing the ordering and delivery procedure, even as stand-alone retailers like Juben Wines, reinforce their delivery service as USP for improving sales, writes Subhash Arora who opines that this would be a fit case of making it a permanent feature, even at nominal additional cost
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Pragmatic Maharashtra allows Sale of Alcohol and Home Delivery
Whether it is the persistent demand from consumers, producers and importers of alcoholic products or more likely to fill the empty coffers of the treasury with the lucrative taxes collected from the sale of alcohol, the opposition run government in Maharashtra of Uddhav Thackeray has made a quick U-turn after banning the Sale on May 5 within 2 days, and pragmatically re-opened Sales with certain conditions, allowing also home delivery, writes Subhash Arora
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Supreme Court suggests Home Delivery of Liquor during Covid Pandemic
For the first time, a direction and positive suggestion from the Supreme Court comes today with the bench refusing to pass any order to ban liquor sales but recommending that States should consider indirect sale /home delivery of liquor to maintain social distancing, while rejecting a PIL to ban sales for this reason, writes Subhash Arora
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44 Shops sealed by Excise still not allowed to Commence Business
The 44 department stores sealed on September 23-24 for gross violation of the License conditions stay sealed awaiting direction from the government and suffering loss of sales even as the government is suffering loss of excise revenues and there is chaos and panic in the industry, writes Subhash Arora who implores the Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia to also ascertain that if the shops were violating the conditions for 5 years or more, why the officials were not vigilant enough all these years
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The Taste that beats the others Cold
The Taste’ department stores in Defence Colony, New Delhi has been selling wine and beer for around 5 years, without a hint of selling wines but as you enter the store and walk towards the back, you see several bottles with different labels stored vertically and the pleasant face of Jimmy Wadhawan, the beard-sporting partner who has popularised wines enough to be nominated as the Best Retail Store of Delhi NCR at the delWine Excellence Awards, at Pullman in April 21. Subhash Arora had a long chat with him regarding Retail and the challenges and opportunities ahead
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Food for Thought: Sixty percent Restaurants are in High Street Markets in India
Almost 60 per cent of restaurants in Delhi-NCR, Mumbai and Bengaluru are located on high-street markets due to limited supply of quality space in shopping malls and scope for organic expansion, according to a survey by the international property consultant CBRE, based on a survey conducted among more than 1,200 restaurants in key locations in the three cities
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Tonique- India’s Biggest Liquor and Wine Shop in Hyderabad
What appears to be the biggest modern liquor and wine store with 15,000 sq ft area in the posh area of Jubilee Hills in Hyderabad , the recently opened Tonique has been attracting women and men alike and even tourists because of the expanse, location, variety, architectural and interior design and the seven day opening till midnight making it the preferred shopping destination , writes Subhash Arora who feels it will set the bar higher for others in India
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GST may take Time and not include Wine
The much awaited Goods and Service Tax (GST) to come into force, first by the earlier UPA government and now with the current BJP government with a clear majority at the Center, may not be ready yet for consent and approval but also more importantly-it may exclude Wine and other alcohols, shattering hopes of many who might be waiting for uniform excise and sales tax at single point, across the board
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Sops expected in FDI Single Brand Retail
Even as it has exited from Multi-brand Retail due to restrictive government policy, Wal-Mart is concentrating on the wholesale cash and carry business with an investment of over a $100 million and even as Carrefour has announced its exit from India and Tesco is still pursuing its dream by partnering with Tata, the government seems to be mulling over the idea of scrapping the 30% clause for the single brand FDIs thus encouraging clothes, electronics and luxury goods retailers to set up shop in India
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FDI in Retail: Carrefour Bows to FDI Policy and Exits India
Wine and Spirits importers would derive some solace from the Indian legal system being fair and a possible respite from terrorist-like policies of the FSSAI policies that have held the whole industry to ransom with high-handedness as Delhi high court warned an FSSAI official to be sent to jail for misusing her powers with Justice Manmohan warning her in a case unrelated to wine but relating to food
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India may follow UK Retail Wine Buying Pattern
Many people may challenge the recent UK study by Cobevco, a specialist contract bottling company in Cheshire, claiming that the perfect wine voted for the UK consumers would be available in supermarkets, red, screw-capped, Australian and cost under £6 according to 70% of those surveyed, but it could be indicative of the retail wine market in India once the FDI in retail is operational and the big retailers start retailing wines
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FDI in Retail still to fall in Place in India
The stand taken by the BJP in its Poll plank that FDI in retail would not be allowed despite the green signal by the current UPA government signals the possibility of further delay in the signing of the FTA between India and EU the talks for which had been going on for over six years but were put on the back-burner last year because of the ensuing elections, as predicted by delWine about 18 months earlier
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Wal-Mart and Bharti Divorce Final
The much talked about separation between the World’s largest retailer Wal-Mart and India’s leading mobile operator Airtel’s parent company Bharti Enterprises became an official divorce with the JV partners of Bharti-Walmart announcing the split yesterday with each side claiming to run and expand the business individually or possibly with new alignments
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