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Air Dolomiti- Italian Wine Culture in the Sky

Most airlines give a rather shabby treatment when it comes to wine, with most ordinary wines generally served in plastic bottles and with not many options, but Air Dolomiti, the regional subsidiary of Lufthansa, serves Italian wine culture during short flights from Frankfurt/Munich to cities in Italy as Subhash Arora discovered during a flight from Florence to Frankfurt, where they served 3 wines- all of good quality and were available in plenty for the passengers in the 128-seat aircraft which was neat, clean with lively colour and punctual with very courteous service ..more

Thursday, 12 March 2020 07:26

Blog: If wishes were horses, wine would ride as King Beverage in India

India is a market more complex than the First Growths of Bordeaux and the opinions and level of optimism vary from individual to individual, State to State but when it is a question of putting money where the pen is, I like to advise a slightly cautious and longer term approach because money and efforts are invested, and so I would like to caution the readers who might have read a rather over-optimistic Article about wine scene in India, writes Subhash Arora. ..more

Friday, 14 February 2020 21:47

From our Archives- Indian Wine Industry in 1990

The Rig Veda refers to it, the god Indra is known to have a weakness for it, and European visitors to the court of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan are said to have savoured it. Nevertheless, the last time an Indian wine got pride of place at an international event was at the Great Calcutta Exhibition in 1884. But now the Indian wine industry seems set for a revival with a fizz and a pop. ..more

Wed, 12 February 2020 10:55

Blog: Tale of ‘The Two Popes’

Just the other day I watched the new movie ‘The two Popes’ on Netflix, based on the chain of events that made Pope Benedict from Germany to resign due to ill health and Pope Francis from Argentina who was elected subsequently in 2013 taking over. This made me think and do some research and locate some famous quotes on wine that go beyond the traditional Sacramental wines, by Pope Francis and Pope John XXIII (1958-63) from Italy, writes Subhash Arora who feels that the government of India could take some fruitful lessons too ..more

Wed, 08 January 2020 13:33

Blog: Gloomy Outlook for the Indian Wine Industry

Barring the global meltdown of 2009-2011, the nascent Indian wine industry never had is so bad as this year with both the Indian and imported wines seeing the red flag, expecting a de-growth of 0-30% with an overall reduction expected at over 15% including imported wine, claims Subhash Arora who feels next year is destined to be difficult as well for Indian wines with damage to the current crops as high as 50% in some areas of Maharashtra due to the recent unseasonal rains, resulting in shortage of grapes and increase in prices during the next harvest in 2020 ..more

Wed, 18 December 2019 13:20

Blog: Is Wine Culture growing in India?

Wine culture is relatively new with the availability being only for 2 decades and it has been growing steadily but there are so many impediments that the initial excitement has not been converted to a flourishing wine culture, writes Subhash Arora who takes you through the journey thus far and suggests ways to make it grow faster ..more

Monday, 25 November 2019 22:54

James Suckling and High Ratings

I am swamped with mails from producers around the world, who send me their commercial emails with prices and almost always ratings of wine critics-most of them from James Suckling who is riding high in the world of Ratings after Robert Parker cooled off and when I got to know of an Italian fine wine in India rated 99 points I decided to do a bit of research and share with the readers my findings, writes Subhash Arora ..more

Friday, 25 October 2019 15:21

Incomprehensible Excise Policy makes Restaurants run out of Wine and Whisky

The incomprehensible excise policy 2019-2020 is not only hurting several businesses but also resulting in a dip in excise collection during the current year as there has been practically no sales of wine or liquor by the importers since the fresh current excise policy was declared on August 14 and has made distributors go into a wait mode with nobody applying for a renewal, writes Subhash Arora who feels a continuous dialogue between the department and stakeholders is necessary with all the stakeholders to remove the current impasse, especially for the spirits industry ..more

Thursday, 10 October 2019 11:16

Scrapping of Article 370 in Kashmir bodes well for Wine Industry

By all accounts, Article 370 in Kashmir will soon be scrapped after the constitutional formalities are completed and after initial resistance that might last for weeks, months or even more; denizens of Kashmir are expected to accept the new dispensation, paving way to new industries coming up and the better quality of wine that can be produced in the cooler climate region of Kashmir Valley, will be one of the realistic possibilities, say Subhash Arora ..more

Tuesday, 06 August 2019 16:53

Plethora of Health Studies to confuse and use for Sales Pitch

Studies on wine and health have picked up pace with both sides of the coin thrown at you at a constant pace putting you in a spin on what to believe and what not to, even as there is a website that merrily describes the unproven and implausible health benefits of white wine without adequate emphasis on drinking in moderation, encouraging hapless consumers to drink more with potentially disastrous effects, writes Subhash Arora who feels producers may be accused of encouraging excessive wine drinking for their benefit by making tall and unsubstantiated claims ..more

Tuesday, 09 July 2019 11:49

Blind Tasting vs. Brand Tasting

The complex word of wines gets even more complicated when one sets out to choose which wines to drink- there are so many brands available and a much higher number of not so well-known brands that are cheaper and more enjoyable. It is a matter of brand tasting or simply blind tasting that helps evolve your taste and the excitement is to taste wines blind and choose for yourself. I advocate constant experimentation through several blind tastings and look for the occasional gems at much less price ..more

Tuesday, 28 May 2019 11:12

French Health Ministry Warning infuriates Wine Producers

The warning issued by the French health authorities on Tuesday coaxing them to drink less wine and alcohol has not had any immediate impact on the citizens or the media hardly responding but it has infuriated the producers who feel that the warning is misdirected as wine lovers take wine as a food drink and that the Report interferes with the very basic of French life-liberty, fraternity and the pursuit of pleasure ..more

Saturday, 30 March 2019 12:31

Prosecco War between Italy & Australia carries on

Since Prosecco won the GI status from EU in 2009, defining the boundary of the Italian region from Glera grape then known commonly as Prosecco, making it mandatory for countries having trade relation with EU to desist from producing any sparkling wine and calling it Prosecco but Australia already producing this bubbly since 1999, did not fall in Line and even won the trademark case in Australia, but Italians are not backing off with a distinct chance that both sides may accept the wine nomenclature as Australian Prosecco during the current FTA negotiations. Cav. Subhash Arora feels this is the only workable solution acceptable to both the countries ..more

Tuesday, 28 January 2019 17:50

Watch before you stock Alcohol at Home or face Jail

Bollywood actor Armaan Kohli who hit the headlines due to his arrest by the Excise Police on December 20th for possessing 41 bottles of Scotch Whiskey- beyond the permissible limit at his residence in Mumbai, secured bail but has raised questions in the minds of people in Delhi whether the state laws to require a license to store liquor beyond a level have any logic when stocked for self consumption with friends in the house ..more

Sunday, 30 December 2018 15:55

State of the on- Trade Wine Market at MKT an Eye Opener

The recently opened upmarket restaurant MKT in the Chanakya Complex by DLF in Chanakyapuri has an excellent ambience, multiple cuisine dishes a majority of which would go very well with wines which are also available in temperature-controlled Enometic machines and are seemingly fairly priced in the heavily tax and multi-layered expense regime, but the sluggish sales is the reality that hits you on inquiry, writes Subhash Arora who rues the hurdles faced by the consumers and importers/producers alike today ..more

Wednesday, 19 December 2018 12:05

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