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Book Review: ‘Sunset in Glass’ by Gerry Dawes Riveting Book on Spain
Gerry Dawes, an Award winning Hispanophile gourmet has recently released a book, Sunset in Glass- Adventures of a Food and Wine Road Warrior in Spain - a travelog of his 50-year experiences with the changing Spanish Gastronomy from Tradition to the Modern, and the social fiber and culture with historical background, writes Subhash Arora who finds infectious his love and passion for Spain and highly recommends it to every traveler and wine aficionado who dreams of being in Spain
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John Salvi MW-The Count of Wine
I have not come across an autobiography by a celebrity wine personality like John Umberto Salvi MW whom I have known for several years, written like the movie script with him as the protagonist, true to his honest and colourful personality in the wine trade for 60 years as he completes 50 years of passing Master of Wine examination this year, writes Subhash Arora who finds the book reading like an easy, fictional novel you could finish during a return journey from Delhi to Bordeaux where he lives in Margaux
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Review: Passion for Wine-The French Ideal and the American Dream
The latest wine book to have come out, Passion for Wine, co-authored by Jean Charles Boisset of Boisset Collection in Burgundy and California and Marnie Old who is a Sommelier and an author and ambassador-at-large for Boisset, is an easy to read book that focuses mostly on Burgundy and California, with sufficient information on several basic aspects of winemaking and wine tasting, writes Subhash Arora who enjoyed reading the book and finds it useful for newer drinkers
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Book Review: Vernaccia di San Gimignano- Book by Armando Castagno
Vernaccia di San Gimignano is centuries of history but the award of DOC as the first designation in 1966 was the defining moment for the community as well as their wines, and the book written by Armando Castagno released last year but available to the public from this month, is an original and unprecedented text presented in a simple yet effective- manner the evolution of the grape and the area till the present day, writes Subhash Arora who feels it is an extremely useful reference book to get into the heart and soul of this beautiful town in the heart of Tuscany
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The Ultimate Guide to Champagne by Liz Palmer
My idea of a good wine and champagne is when I open a bottle it finishes fast and I want to have another one opened. The ‘Ultimate Guide to Champagne’ by the Canadian author Liz Palmer does exactly that- with a crisp and lucid presentation that transports you to La Champagne every time you open the book and eggs you on to plan a visit to the region yet again or makes you involuntarily open a bottle of champagne-says Subhash Arora who reviews her book
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The Wines of India by Peter Csizmadia Honigh
London-based Peter Csizmadia Honigh, has written a well-researched, easy-to-read book about Indian wine industry with a detailed history of contemporary wines, current viticulture and winemaking practices, soils and climates and up-to-date account of 50 wineries with their story, estate details and wines with a lot of accurate information useful for oenophiles of Indian wines and the industry and justifying it as ‘A Concise Guide’
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Illustrated Book on Universal Ampelography
‘Ampelografia Universale Storica Illustrata’ is a hard-bound 3 volume reference book in Italian and English language with 551 grape varieties from around the world with their historical background that will serve as a guide book to anyone
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The World of Sicilian Wine- Bill Nesto MW & Frances Savino
Launched last month at Vinitaly, the book on Sicilian Wines takes you to a journey of Sicily through various periods of history and the modern times. Although it may not hold the attention
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Tom Hyland looks Beyond Barolo and Brunello
Imported Wine Sales hit Delhi Excise Roadblock
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Tom Hyland looks Beyond Barolo and Brunello
Written by an American journalist, wine traveler and taster Tom Hyland of Chicago, his book, ‘Beyond Barolo and Brunello’ released on February 15, is a personal insight into over 550 wines produced by 492 wine makers across all the 20 regions of
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Book Review: UNQUENCHABLE Thirst for Wine Bargains
UNQUENCHABLE by the awarded writer and Canadian author Natalie Maclean is her second book on wine, that lucidly lists her adventures in search of great wine bargains
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Book Release: Wine Guide to Hong Kong by a Master
Featuring a comprehensive importer directory and market report, ‘Guide to the Hong Kong Wine Trade’ is the title of the book authored by Debra Meiburg MW which was launched
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Indian Chef featured in the Bordeaux World Top Chef Book
Top Chefs of the World, a hard-cover book published by the Grand Cru Classes Bordeaux 1855 and released a couple of months ago is a beautifully produced book, next best
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Natty Sommelier in Your Pocket
For most of us, walking into a wine store to choose a ‘good’ wine for dinner or ordering wine at a restaurant can be an intimidating experience, but for the iPhone users there is now
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Age Gets Better with Wine by Dr. Richard Baxter
The second Edition of the New Science for a Healthier, Better and Longer life by Dr. Richard Baxter concludes that drinking regular wine in moderation is anti-aging. It is based
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South Africa Wine Tourism Handbook 2009
As the title reads, this Wine Tourism Handbook is South Africa’s Ultimate Guide to the Cape Winelands full of useful and practical information you can use to visit wine regions, cellar
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