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Global Warming: Times they Are- a- Changin’
Never before was the need to understand the impact of global warming so urgent as today and as the song by Bob Dylan suggests, ‘you better start swimming or you will sink like a stone’ but winemakers are putting their minds to solve the problem by going to cooler areas, canopy management and using different strains of yeast, with a very interesting experiment being conducted by New Zealand to make a low alcohol Sauvignon Blanc successfully, writes Subhash Arora
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IWA 2019: Think Amarone, Drink Ripasso in India
Results of the recent India Wine Awards threw up a few surprises but not for the two of my favourite wines from my Valpolicella, Zenato Ripassa Valpolicella Ripasso DOC Superiore 2015 and Tedeschi Capitel San Rocco Valpolicella Ripasso from two iconic Amarone producers that won the Best in Show Trophies, giving credence to my long professed suggestion that in India we should think Amarone but drink Ripasso, the Baby Amarone- an excellent, younger, similar value-for-money wine, persists Subhash Arora
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Glittering India Wine Awards Night 2019 Impressive in 3rd Edition
The 3rd edition of the India Wine Awards held at The Leela Mumbai was held with great aplomb, in which the Results of Silver , Gold and Diamond winners were announced out of the 320 Indian and foreign wines available in Mumbai with 56 vying for the food and wine category as well, writes Sheetal Kadam who attended the ceremony on behalf of delWine, with inputs from Subhash Arora who was a judge for the 3rd year
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Prowein Education Campaign in Mumbai Lauded by Full House
The second edition of the 3-day Prowein Education Campaign organized by Messe Düsseldorf India on September 18-20 in association with WSET in India, for the second time in Mumbai was a huge success from what one gathered at the over-flowing house and the keen attention paid to different speakers, writes Sheetal Kadam representing delWine and who was pleased with the international styled setting and tastings of several wines
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The Taste that beats the others Cold
The Taste’ department stores in Defence Colony, New Delhi has been selling wine and beer for around 5 years, without a hint of selling wines but as you enter the store and walk towards the back, you see several bottles with different labels stored vertically and the pleasant face of Jimmy Wadhawan, the beard-sporting partner who has popularised wines enough to be nominated as the Best Retail Store of Delhi NCR at the delWine Excellence Awards, at Pullman in April 21. Subhash Arora had a long chat with him regarding Retail and the challenges and opportunities ahead
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New Grapes to be added to Bordeaux Repertoire
Aware of the global warming and the need to add grape varieties that can mitigate the impact of climate change without diluting the identity of Bordeaux wines, the producers have selected 7 new varieties from outside the region and expect them to be allowed up to 10% in a blend by 2021, but Loic Pasquet of Liber Pater in Graves , an ardent follower of Terroir is devastated with the choice of new grapes, writes Subhash Arora
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Big Banyan Winery Operational with Tourism in Bangalore
Big Banyan winery, owned by John Distilleries, which started making wines from bought out grapes from Maharashtra in Goa in 2006 has now constructed its own winery near the Big Banyan tree in Bangalore and the basic operations have started with wine tourism facilities thrown open to the public in a small way, writes Subhash Arora who was privileged to visit the winery last month before it was opened officially on June 29 in the presence of travel and wine bloggers
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Grover Zampa: Wine Revolution Fermenting at pioneer Wine Maker- Part 2
With the change of guard at Grover Zampa (GZV) after Ravi Viswanathan taking charge as Chairman and assisted by his CEO Vivek Chandramohan, innovation, creativity, modern equipment, sharp focus on quality and making it the first multi-brand wine company in India are the buzz words at GZV where a wine revolution is fermenting , writes Subhash Arora who visited the Bangalore winery in Nandi Hills earlier this month and shared his vision and strategy
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Grover Zampa: Wine Revolution Fermenting at Pioneer Wine Maker- Part 1
With change of guard at Grover Zampa (GZV)(as Ravi Viswanathan, the big, astute investor in the Indian wine industry and Chairman of GZV, thanks to majority shareholding of his PE company Visvires in Singapore, he has taken charge assisted by his CEO Vivek Chandramohan, with innovation, creativity, modern equipment and sharp focus on quality and making it the first multi-brand wine company in India, is nothing short of a revolution in the offing, writes Subhash Arora who visited the Bangalore winery in Nandi Hills this month to meet and share his ideology and strategy
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WBWE Asia: World Bulk Wine Exhibition heads to Yantai China on May 30-31
After celebrating 10th anniversary at RAI Amsterdam in November, 2018, the two- day Exhibition is ready to enter China, hosting a similar Exhibition christened as WBWE Asia in Yantai (Shandong) at the Yantai International Expo Center on May 30-31, with more than 130 wineries from 17 countries participating and buyers expected from China and across Asia, writes Subhash Arora who has been visiting the Show in Amsterdam for several years and finds it a unique Show focusing on 40% of world wine business
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Prowein 2019: Move Over Burgundy... Germans are Coming
German Pinot Noir, known as Spätburgunder, has been making thumping progress in quality during the last couple of decades and today Germany t is considered one of the countries producing high quality Pinot based on its terroir and offers good value as compared with the Burgundy reds, writes Subhash Arora who tasted a dozen variants at a Tasting curated by a German wine expert, Romana Echensperger MW at the Nägler’s Fine Lounge Hotel in Oestrich- Winkel in Rheingau and loved the wines enough to visit at least one such region on his next trip to Germany
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Climate Change Leadership Conference projects a Scary Scenario
In the northern coastal Portuguese city of Porto the world of wine gathered to discuss and offer solutions to mitigate climate change as they took to the stage to share best practices from the vineyard to the consumer. Opening the conference, Adrian Bridge, CEO of Taylor
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Anteprime Toscana 2019: PrimAnteprima kicks off the Marathon at Fortezza da Basso
The 9-day Grand Tuscan Marathon always starts with PrimAnteprima at the massive 100,000 square metres, 14th Century Fortezza da Basso, in the Cavaniglia Pavilion and this year was no different with 10 appellations outside the Chianti and Chianti Classico regions showcasing their wines to the journalists and professional visitors on February 9. Our Correspondent John Salvi MW was at hand to assess and report the current 2018 vintage as always
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Grover Zampa: Unstoppable Ravi Viswanathan buys Charosa, Four Seasons & Myra
The maverick French investor of Indian origin, who is a partner in the 7 year old VisVires Capital Singapore, entered Indian wine industry quietly by buying shares of Grover Vineyards and within 5 years also invested and exited from Sula and helped Grover buy Four Seasons, Charosa and Myra Vineyards besides a winery in Burgundy and getting a controlling interest, writes Subhash Arora who believes his entry has brought stability in the industry, a vision and potential threat to Sula as the industry leader
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ProWein 2019: Spate of International Wine Shows to visit every Month from Jan-May
There is one major wine show every month starting from January to May, where one can keep abreast about the wine industry by visiting Enofusión (Spain) in Madrid Fusion, Wine Paris (France), Prowein (global), Vinitaly (Italy) and Vinexpo (France), writes Subhash Arora who recommends Prowein if you want to have maximum contact with the global industry but Wine Paris for the most central location and the excitement of its maiden appearance
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