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Delhi Wine Club

Posted: Friday, 06 August 2010 11:36

Wine Club: Wet & Wild Wine Weekend in Goa

The Delhi Wine Club spread its wings & turned adventurous on its 162nd gathering of its most faithful when the club decided to do a monsoon rumble with a touch of old world charm in Goa by organising a wet and wild weekend of wine, more wine and food writes Prahlad Kakkar who flew in for an evening of fun and frolic and all that jazz at Beleza by the Beach resort.

Photos By:: Adil Arora

The wine evening was organised by the charming Radhika, Ajay & their lovely daughter Bhavna Bahl (who did all the running around & the menu) at their beautifully designed resort Beleza by the Beach. It is located at Betul Batim Colva in South Goa which is 30 minutes away from the Dabolim airport.

The drive through quaint Villages with lush green fields was like an oxygen kick to the city lungs & a calming start to fevered minds, desperately trying to jump off the ever spinning treadmill of our normal rat race. By the time the eager guests were received by the resort staff &   escorted in their very comfortable & beautifully designed villas, it was time for a swim & a sun downer.

The weather was wet, wild & invigorating. As the evening unfolded, the wines were ably introduced by the President of the club, Subhash Arora. The wines included the San Medin Sauvignon Blanc from Torres Chile, Sangre de Toro and  Viña Esmeralda from the Spanish stable of Torres, Rosa Rossa Rosé from Big Banyan, Piccini Chianti and the Mahler Besse Bordeaux 2004 with the Bellissima dessert wine to finish off the desert.

We were in for a really pleasant surprise; serenading us the whole evening was a fabulous family run band, consisting of an excellent violinist cum keyboard player Victor & his two dulcet voiced sisters harmonising, like a dream, regaling the gathering with vintage love songs from the sixties to the eighties interspaced with some Goan Mandos (dance songs with love as the major theme) & Portuguese Fados.

Wine does that to people, gets them all gooey eyed, romantic and completely nostalgic. The entire gathering of the Delhi Wine Club that included the head of ProChile in India, Nester Riveros and his wife Carmen Guede from Chile, whose country’s wines were also being served, plus some lovely people from Calcutta, were swept up in the romantic nostalgia & everybody to a man, swept through the dance floor to foxtrots, waltz, cha cha cha and some spectacular quick steps & jives.

I never realised that so many people could still dance the lovely old ballroom styles of dances. Chef Sachin of the Tentação Restaurant where the exclusive evening was being held had turned out a feast to suit the wines & all had a great time. The two Indian wines from Chateau de Banyan Goa were excellent specially the Rosé which hit on the sweet side, light & crisp with a nice rounded finish.

The reds, one from Bordeaux & one from Spain were very good. The one from Bordeaux had a complex finish and the other one was ripe with soft tannins, plummy, rounded with a long finish. Both went well with the food specially the chicken Xacutti & pohi (local whole meal bread). It just hit the right spot. All of us OD-ed on a deserts platter groaning with goodies like the ever popular caramel custard. Not to forget was the presence of Goa’s gift to the world, the unique multilayered, smoky ‘Bibinka’.

The evening was magical with the food accompanied by excellent selection of wines. The heavens opened up and the rain beat a tattoo of rhythm & blues along with the band, romance was in the air and everybody was pleasantly high & found their dancing shoes. The evening ended wet & wild with everybody making a dash for their villas through the pouring rain

What an evening!!!!!!

Prahlad Kakkar

Prahlad Kakkar is the well known star ad guru from Mumbai, a leading ad film director known for his candid and outspoken style. He is a scuba diving instructor, a restaurateur and a celebrity judge at several national events.  He is also the Vice President of the Mumbai chapter of the Delhi Wine Club.

Editor’s Note: The Dinner at Tentação was followed by another one (162A) at the Martin’s Corner the next night. Attended by 32 people, it was a gourmands’ delight with calamari, red snapper, prawns, lobster and other delights cooked in Goan style and served with six wines including two different Verdicchio wines from Marche, a Rose from Nine Hills, a Chianti and a Montepulciano from Enzo  Mecella, with the Bellissima dessert wine to complete the line-up. Additionally, complimentary Indian wines from Four Seasons, Nine Hills, Big Banyan and Tonia's 'Kandara' were available throughout the 3-night weekend.

The Event was covered by Goa Times. For the article Click Here


Beleza of Goa with Wine                           Dinner at Martin’s Corner



Subhash Arora Says:

Technically speaking, it was not the first out-of-town event of DWC. We had organised one at Westin Resots, Sona (#127) on July 20, 2008 and many of us had spent the night there. But many Gurgaon members drove by car and went back after  dinner. This was the first one which was not a driveable destination-and hence we believe that Goa was an historic event. Also, it was a whole 3-night wine weekend and not just one dinner. In fact, that is why we have lumped both the dinners and several optional lunches with complimentary wine as one event. Subhash Arora

Posted @ August 10, 2010 15:04


Anurag Mehrota Says:

Sounds like you guys had a blast and we missed a great event.

Posted @ August 09, 2010 13:44


Raj Says:

Dear Mr subhash Hi its seems to be very good occasion next time pls do not hesitatre to cnct us as we are dealing in wines since last 20 plus years in diu as wel as in goa having distributorship in goa for only wines many thanks

Posted @ August 09, 2010 12:49


Adil Arora Says:

The DWC Weekend in Goa was a big hit,with Indian wines flowing and great sea food.The lunch at Palazzio was to die for.I had a great time at Beleza... by the beah Goa and all the Delhi Wine Club members loved the wine weekend too.DWC is the first to have a wine event out of town.There must be evnts like this once a year. Thanks

Posted @ August 07, 2010 10:12


Subhash Arora Says:

Thanks- amigo. Subhash

Posted @ August 06, 2010 18:40


Subhash Arora Says:

Muchas gracias amigos Beautiful pic of Carmen in Goa Times. - will give u a copy.

Posted @ August 06, 2010 18:39


Carmen Hernandez Says:

Dear Subhash, Thanks so much for hosting this GREAT event. The resort was very nice. The amenities and services made the stay very comfortable wanting us to come back for more. Each and every meal was special with good food and fun atmosphere. We will never forget the great lunch and visit we had at the Portuguese house on Sunday afternoon. It was like visiting friends in their home. The weather had little or no impact and we really enjoyed the time spent getting to know the other members better. We felt like we made special friends on this trip. Please include us again if and when another trip is planned. You are a great host!! Best regards, Fred and Carmen Hernandez

Posted @ August 06, 2010 18:35


Parag P Tripathi Says:

Dear Cavalier saheb, I and Neelima have no hesitation in saying that the Saturday Dinner at Martins was once of great dinner entertainments (dintainment) we were privies to.(Unfortuna™ely missed the firs™ one) The atmosphere was family and convivial, the arrangements wonderful and there was the added grace and charm of the bahls (the rival hotel and hospitality chains of Taj and oberois better wtch out!)The next day breakfast table gossip was equally enjoyable, and mind you, no hangovers!!!!! Beleza is a top class property and that it is owned by 'winian'(wine club member, what else) makes it a home. The menu and the wine selections were upto your impeccable 'Cav. Standards'!!
We look forward to the next one, Warmest and Cheers, Parag and Neelima

Posted @ August 06, 2010 18:29


B.Shankaranarayan Says:

Way to go Delhi Wine Club!

Posted @ August 06, 2010 17:35


Ranjit Gupta Says:

Dear Subhash, Nanda & I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. This was a great trip. The lunch at Palazio was one of those meals one will remember for a long time.The Resort Hotel was great value. You really did provide an inexhaustible supply of Indian Wine!This was also a nice size of group the core of 16 plus the other 14. Presumably there should be more trips. Kerala with 2 or 3 house boats together? Best regards. Ranjit

Posted @ August 06, 2010 17:30


Suprio Bose Says:

Dear Mr. Arora As a Die Hard Foodie the humble (pun Intended) spread of Lobsters, Crabs, Calamari, Snappers, Trouts, Xacuti etc etc etc just added more fuel to fire when paired with the delicious Italian, Spanish, Chilean and Indian wines this past weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed the “Sangre del Toro” from Spain along with my Chicken Xacuti and Fish Fingers at Tentacao. My wife loved the Moscat from Big Banyan with her desserts. Martin’s corner rocked with some great music, Elvis was brought back to life with some soulful rendering of Jailhouse Rock and I could see our whole table jamming to some good fashioned rock and roll.  The next day I was told that Palazzio was the best meal some had had in ages (which unfortunately I missed preferring Souza Lobo to Palazzio which incidentally was not bad either- but the lack of wine on my table did pinch a bit). All in all I must say that it was an extremely satiable experience both to the heart and the soul (and I dare to add the stomach as well). Thanks Mr. Arora for organizing this wonderful event. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and the great wines and the food we tried during this weekend goes a long way to prove this adage ! Great Work, Please keep them coming. Proud to be a part of the DWC.
Thanks Suprio

Posted @ August 06, 2010 17:20


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