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Posted: Wednesday, 25 August 2010 14:41

Maharashtra likely to Rationalize Indian Wine Tax

At a meeting held on Monday by the All India Wine Producers Association with the senior state and central government officials including the Union Agriculture Minister Mr. Sharad Pawar, the state government has agreed to reduce the K-form fees to Rs.100,000 and practically eliminate the excise duty being levied on out-of-state domestic wines.

Maharashtra currently charges Rs.650,000 annually for the mandatory license required in the shape of K-form and additional 150% excise duty on each bottle based on the manufacturing cost, for out-of-state wines putting wineries like Grover Vineyards in Karnataka and Big Banyan in Goa at a major disadvantage. DelWine has always termed this policy anti-national. Most producers in Maharashtra privately agree with this unjust stance which is even more glaring if you knew that the Grover family made Mumbai their home for decades- Kapil Grover (Partner) has even married a lady from Maharashtra

Forced by the injustice, Karnataka and Goa had increased excise duty for out-of-state wines. DelWine has been a strong supporter of the Karnataka policy despite several protests from the Karnataka consumers for whom the Maharashtra wines became more expensive overnight. The logic was simple-to put pressure on the government of Maharashtra which is the biggest wine producer with over 90% of total domestic wine production to change its anti-national policy. Karnataka was a good market for the wines produced in Maharashtra till then.

Mr. Ganesh Naik, Minister for State Excise and Secretaries of State Excise promised to reduce the K form Fee at Rs. 100,000 only and import duty at only Rs. 10 per bulk liter. However Mr. Pawar, the Union Minister said that the issue would be discussed with the Chief Minister of Karnataka to make sure they take the reciprocal steps after the notification by Maharashtra. DelWine had already published a letter written to the Karnataka government and had learnt from reliable sources that the Karnataka government was ready to reciprocated. With the intervention of the Union Minister, the reciprocal gesture should be soon a reality.

Besides Mr. Pawar and Mr. Naik, the meeting was attended by Mr. Sunil Tatkare, Minister for Finance- Maharashtra, Mr. Sameer Bhujbal, MP from Nashik, Mr. Sangitrao, Secretary- State Excise, Mr. V. Kanade, Secretary-Finance, Mr. Chahal, Commissioner- State Excise, Mr. Bhatia, Commissioner- Sales Tax, Mr. Sham Chougule, Chairman, Indian Grape Processing Board and also the troubled vintner-Indage Vintners and Jagdish Holkar, President All India Wine Producers Association

The financially troubled producers also got a reprieve with Mr. Tatkare  promising that the current action of seizing bank accounts and properties of the assesses for non deposit of VAT will be stopped forthwith and  the erring wineries will be allowed to pay the arrears in installments.

However, the long standing demand voiced by Mr Jagdish Holkar even before being nominated cum elected as the president of the association, at the first National conference held by the Indian Grape Processing Board in Delhi earlier this year, of allowing distillation of surplus wine into grape brandy at a nominal license fee was rejected by the powers that be.

Apparently, the government is concerned about the excess production of alcohol through backdoor entry and could well be under pressure from the liquor industry against the reprieve -and it may have a valid point. But it could consider each request on a case to case basis. The government must realise that excess wine in the tank currently, could already be vinegar-in any case it is wine well past its best. Under the current prevailing precarious situation where over 20 million liters of excess wine is stated to be dying un-bottled and unsold, the issue needs to be looked at by experts more closely- in the interest of the wine producers under squeeze from the recession.

The Association also tabled the legitimate demand that since grape processing units are similar to the cold storage units and a part of the post harvest management and a forward linkage for the agriculture produce, the subsidised agriculture electricity tariff for the Grape processing units should be charged. Mr. Pawar agreed to recommend this demand to Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission.

The Association also requested the Hon’ble minister to take up the issue of Delhi State Excise Policies for domestic and imported wines with suggestions  in the name of  Smt. Sheila Dixit, CM, Delhi to look at resolving the existing problems. Despite being the capital, Delhi has rather restrictive policies for the Indian wine producers while the excise duties have been marked up for imported wines to levels higher than even in Maharashtra which had reduced them to saner levels last year.

Several other points related to the procedures were discussed at the meeting in Pune. Click for details.



Anoop Kumar Says:

Dear sir, I want to apply for FLW-1 license to import wine from Europe but the Maharashtra State Excise Department website is running properly. I have had registered myself on the site but now when I try to open it now using my username and password it says 'invalid credentials'. I changed my password using my registered mobile number and Even then it shows me the same message again and again. Same thing is happening on 'Aaple Sarkaar' website. It's really agonising. I humbly request you to please do the needful and oblige me. Thanks. Email :

Posted @ September 16, 2020 21:00


Ashish nunisa Says:

I want to do a start up business in wine sector but no idea how to get a license,can anyone suggest me.

Posted @ February 20, 2017 16:57


Ashwin Valecha Says:

It was high time the authorities sat across the table with producers to try and resolve the issue of irrational duties and taxes on wines, especially inter-state. An important first step in the right direction.

Posted @ September 08, 2010 19:13


Subhash Arora Says:

This was definitely my article-in entirety but based on the minutes of the meeting of the Association. As usual, I try to analyse rather than just publish the letter like this issued by the Association. In a hurry, i forgot to put my name to it. By I take all the responsibility. Subhash

Posted @ August 28, 2010 11:40


Wendy Vallaster Says:

Subhash, was this your article? It's great reporting, and I would love to hear more about imported wines, and the challenges that they face in entering the Indian market, whether it be taxes, excise duties, or variations in regulations between different state governments in the country... hope you are well!

Posted @ August 28, 2010 11:37


B.Shankaranarayan Says:

A level playing field is essential for the Indian wine industry to make the big leap forward. Let's hope the MH and KA Govts. have the good sense to work together.

Posted @ August 28, 2010 11:31


Bharat Deshmukh Says:

At last some logical thinking by MAH Govt.This will give level field to all quality players.Good for Grovers & all Mah wineries going to B'lore.

Posted @ August 26, 2010 17:00


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