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Posted: Tuesday, March 2 2010. 17:27

Chilean Wineries Suffer Losses too

Everyone sympathizes with Chile for the devastation caused by the earthquake, but people in the wine world are particularly sad for the country’s loss and damage, since wine forms a significant part of their economy and a considerable damage has been done to property in Maule Valley, though they have been fortunate enough not to have suffered casualties.

Reports from the Maule and elsewhere are still sketchy as the means of communication have been heavily disrupted with airport’s closure and electricity cut off. Miguel Torres who have their Chilean winery in Curico Valley, just North of Maule have suffered quite a bit of damage, according to Sumit Sehgal, the national marketing Manager for India for Prestige Wines Pvt ltd., a Torres JV. ‘I talked to Spain a few minutes ago. There has been no electricity and a lot of damage has been done to the barrels with one s.s. tank also reportedly damaged.’ Miguel Torres Jr. who is running the family owned company was in the US when the mishap took place but cannot come back as the airport has been closed.

The communications received by Mukul Mehra of Global Tax Free from their principals Concha y Toro indicate that there have been no casualties though material damage has been done to the winery near Santiago. ‘We had placed an order for 3 containers, just before the summer sets in, I don’t think we will be able to get that now,’ he says. Same is the fate of a container ordered by Prestige. Importers are saddened and more concerned about how the denizens there will solve the shelter and food problem and the rehabilitation process.

Several of Concha y Toro's major wineries have sustained serious damage in the most devastated zone of Chile, hundreds of kilometers south of Santiago, according to a company statement. "The area with the largest impact is the heartland of wine production," said Concha y Toro. "Our company as well as the rest of the industry has been heavily impacted by this catastrophe."

The company suspended all production and shipping for a week in a zone where the major north-south highway was severely damaged, alongside harm to seaports in the region that is expected to hurt Chile's important seafood export sector.

Fortunately, very few casualties have been reported from the industry. The earth quake struck very early on Saturday morning  when wineries were mostly empty, thus limiting the human toll caused by falling barrels and equipment  Many people are also away on vacation during the fag end of summer season.
DelWine tried to contact Nestor Riveros, the commercial head of ProChile in India to get some possible details. He is in Chile and in fact had reached there the afternoon before the quake hit. Although no major damage has been done in Santiago, the airport had to be shut down because the front portion of the foyer collapsed. In a personal email he says, ‘People travelling to Chile are being offloaded elsewhere close-by and brought in by military buses. My daughter who was coming from the US was taken to Lima in Peru instead.’ He and  his family members are safe.

“There is much destruction,’’ Mario Lobo, director of Los Vascos in the Colchagua Valley, north of the epicenter, reportedly said in an e-mail message. “We are looking after our people first to provide the neediest with shelter, water and food. There is still no electricity, water or any type of phone service.’’
Elsewhere in the Maule and Curico the news was not as good. Reports of major losses have been coming in, though few of those reports were confirmed. At the spot where the earthquake hit, there were a lot of older wineries, and many were built on concrete tanks.

The damage not only destroyed wine, but threatens the coming vintage as well. Harvest is nearing, and wineries with severe structural damage and loss of equipment will not have the capacity to make and store wine.

DelWine sincerely sympathizes with Chile and our subscribers there. While wishing them well we would appreciate any reliable information from any source. We would be glad to put it up on the website, as a part of Comments in this article.



Marc Perelló Colomer Says:

After the earthquake, it's now time to combine all our efforts and forge forward.
Miguel Torres Chile has donated 50,000 Euros to the Municipality of Curicó, to be used in rebuilding andimproving the city's schools, which were badly affected by the earthquake. Miguel Torres-Maczassek, Executive Chairman of the Chilean winery, together with the mayor of Curicó, visited the damaged areas to immediately arrange the work required.  We also quickly started up an action plan to distribute food and other essential items in damaged and particularly remote areas.
For those working at the winery that has lost their homes, the company has arranged prefabricated wooden houses to be bought,
Miguel Torres Chile has opened a bank account to receive international aid from friends, distributors and even anonymous people who have
written to express their support and concern.
The money collected will be used to buy homes for families in Curicó and the
surrounding rural areas and to rebuild the city. Thank you for your media support.
Miguel Torres Chile is back in action now.

Details of the fund:
FUNDACIÓN MIGUEL TORRES - Pro-damnificados Terremoto en Chile
Current account: 2100-0033-18-0200806844
IBAN: ES28 2100 0033 1802 0080 6844
Bank's address:
La Caixa
Plaça Sant Joan, 4
Barcelona, Spain

Sumit Sehgal

Posted @ March 11, 2010 11:02


Suprio Bose Says:

Chile Is confronting a great disaster suffering major structural damages ; approximately 799 casualties not including several missing persons., while several vineyards and industries have been affected in the seventh and eighth  regions. We now have total connectivity. The ports of Valparaiso and San Antonio are functioning normally and we are in the process of re establishing the electrical services in the cities of Concepcion, Talcahuano and the most effected zones.
Services like the telecommunications, transport services and the Metro are working normally in the capital city of Santiago. The situation has been further normalized through effective management from our military police, which has imposed a curfew from 6 pm in the evening till 12 noon every day. This has brought a complete halt to the lootings and civil unrest and has brought a much required sense of security to the affected people of Chile.
The military has also taken effective control over the peaceful distribution of food and services to the most affected population and the supermarkets in the area are also working normally with the presence of military police guards.
The commitments of export supplies and foreign trade are continuing as before and the country is going to return completely to its normal production capacity and exports within the next week in the most affected areas.

Posted @ March 06, 2010 12:43


Suprio Bose Says:

In the wake of the terrible earthquake in Chile, the PROCHILE Trade office in New Delhi India has been quite concerned with the well being of our counterparts in Chile. We have received communications from most of our Vineyards in Chile about their well being and are happy to declare that no serious damage was incurred in any of the vineyards. Except for a few material damages to the warehouses and steel vats, no serious harm was brought to the stocks of wine and the wine association of Chile estimates normal deliveries as per schedule by the end of this month. Best regards, Suprio Bose

Posted @ March 05, 2010 13:40


Carlos de Carlos Says:

Dear Subhash, Most thanks for your kind words of concern about Chile and support in your recent article. As indicated in our official statement, happily our families and our Errazuriz teams are well and safe, which is most important. Now we are concentrating on helping the most affected areas in the South and bringing relief to our needed countrymen, and at the same time organizing the reconstruction of the damaged infrastructure.We had scheduled for 10 days time the big celebration of our 140 years and also the opening of our Icon Winery don maximiano , but we have canceled all the activities to concentrate in the reconstruction Kind regards / Abrazos, Carlos

Posted @ March 03, 2010 17:43


Carrie Jorgensen Says:

Here in Portugal we are also following with sadness the news from Chile. Jancis Robinson has just uploaded a very moving account from Derek Mossman Knapp of Garage Wine Co in Alto Maipo to

Posted @ March 03, 2010 17:40


Suprio Bose Says:

Dear Subash, Thanks for the article. According to the reports received from Chile, a great part of Central Valley and Curico have suffered material damages and losses. Lots of bottles, Warehouses and Steel tanks have indeed been damaged. Although the damage has not yet been quantumized , we shall have more details about it within the week. Going by Chile's strong skills of Disaster Management, I am sure they will be up and running pretty soon. Cheers and Thanks for bringing this up. Regards Suprio

Posted @ March 03, 2010 13:20


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