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Seven New Wineries to come up near Nashik

Posted: Monday, 14 March 2016 18:32


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Seven New Wineries to come up near Nashik

March 14: Even as some of the existing wineries are still struggling to survive or are on the verge of downing the shutters, the Wine Park at Vinchur, about 60 kms from Nashik is reported to have received requests to set up seven new wineries which are expected to be in operation within the next couple of years

According to a report in TOI, seven Expression of Interests have been received by the Maharashtra Industrial Development of Corporation (MIDC) which set up the Godavari Wine Park in 2001 to promote wine production, to set up seven new wineries. Each applicant has sought one to two acres of land for the projects. Their investment in these new wineries is expected to range from Rs 7.5 million to 69 million. At present, the district has 37 wineries.

The state government developed the Godavari Wine Park at Vinchur in 2001 to promote the wine industry. Of the total 133 hectares, the wine park was developed on 83 hectares. Since there was not sufficient demand for wineries, the balance 50 hectares have been now reserved for food processing units.

Only five wineries have become operational so far in the wine park including Vinsura which has been sick for quite a few years, Flamingo which was on the verge of collapse till it made an Agreement with Sula to sell them bulk wine. Vine and Velour set up by the Sarda Group-owned Indian Food Industry, is on the verge of closing, according to sources. Ashwin Rodriguez who was instrumental in bonding the ‘Wines of India’ group a few months ago to promote Indian wines as a Brand, has built his own new winery Good Drop Cellars within this complex as well.

A big boost could come from Sula which reportedly has bought land in the complex and would ostensibly put up a winery to supplement its burgeoning requirement of wine due to the consistent growth.

Talking of growth, the top three wine companies with an estimated sale of  950,000 cases (Sula), 200,000 (GroverZ) and 110,000 cases (Fratelli) are on a successful course, expanding 20-35% over the previous years, proving that it is not only the wine quality but the marketing and business acumen of the producer that is an important requirement of the wine business.

The total investment in the proposed seven new wineries is expected to be Rs 200 million and they will generate around 175 employment opportunities, according to MIDC.

India has 93 wineries (at least registered-with licenses) out of which Maharashtra has 75 of them, producing 80% of the total wine production; 37 of them are in Nashik alone, making it the self-proclaimed wine capital of India. Maharashtra accounts for almost 90% of the total grape wine production.

The wineries in Nashik district are in the thick of the harvest season with red wines being under harvest and the crushing in full swing. The process goes on till the middle of April. The wineries in the district are expected to crush 15,000 metric tonnes of grapes to produce around 10 million litres of wine. Due to various factors, the major being the reduced supply and a sudden increase in the demand from Karnataka which has seen huge dwindling of supplies due to unusual heavy rains during the flowering season late last year, the prices of the grapes are sky rocketing.

Chenin Blanc –normally the cheapest wine grape is selling for Rs. 55 against hard cash, according to Yatin Patil, the newly elected President of the All India Wine Producers Association. With no possibility of getting price increase on the wines in the market, the producers are expected to see a pressure on their bottom line except producers like Yatin who makes a small quantity of around 8,000-10,000 cases of wine but from his own grapes. ‘The left-over grapes are usually sold but this year we have had no such possibility,’ he adds.

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Tags : Wine Park, Vinchur, Nashik, MIDC, Godavari Wine Park, Vinsura , Flamingo, Sula, Vine and Velour , Wines of India, Good Drop Cellars, GroverZ, Fratelli, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Chenin Blanc, Yatin Patil, All India Wine Producers Association



Darshak Patel Says:


Hello Sir/Ma'am I am Darshak Patel from ITM - School of Architecture, Art and Design pursuing my bachelor's degree. I wanted to know more about these seven new wineries and if their site has been already allocated. I am looking forward to take Winery Design as my architecture thesis topic. Please guide me further. Warm Regards, Darshak Patel. B.Arch-5th year, ITM - School of Architecture, Art and Design, Vadodara, Gujarat

Posted @ November 28, 2019 09:44


Trupti Bathe Says:


Hello Sir/Ma'am I am Trupti Bathe from Pillais college of architecture pursuing my bachelor's degree. I wanted to know more about these seven new wineries and if their site has been already allocated. I am looking forward to take Winery Design as my architecture thesis topic. Please guide me further. Warm Regards, Trupti Bathe. B.Arch-5th year, Pillais college of architecture, Navi mumbai

Posted @ October 02, 2017 15:04


Dilip Parekh Says:


I want to purchase sick / closed winery I m Dilip Parekh from Ahmedabad, let me know land n other details. I want in Nasik or sarounding Nasik. it's little urgent.

Posted @ August 25, 2017 18:07


Pandurang Sagbhor Says:


Hello Sir/Ma'am I am Pandurang from School Of Planning and Architecture New Delhi pursuing my bachelor's I wanted to knwo more about these seven new wineries and if theirsite has been already allocated.I am looking forward to take Winery Design as my architecture thesis topic.Please guide me further. Warm Regards, Pandurang B Sagbhor B.Arch-Vth year, School of Planning And Architecture, New Delhi 08527502748

Posted @ March 16, 2016 17:22


Subhash Arora Says:


I totally agree. The Article is precisely for that reason. I have mentioned the sick wineries. Thanks for the further validation of my thought. Of course SULA is the glaring exception though Rajeev has neither confirmed nor denied what Yatin told me. Subhash Arora

Posted @ March 16, 2016 17:22


Alok Chandra Says:


Subhash,when only 5 - 6 wineries have actually been set up at the wine park and most are struggling, 7 new applications are suspicious - perhaps only to get the allottment/ land at favourable prices.

Posted @ March 16, 2016 11:12


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