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APEDA: Ancient Sura in Vogue at London Showcase for Indian Wines

Posted: Monday, 02 November 2015 18:24


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APEDA: Ancient Sura in Vogue at London Showcase for Indian Wines

Nov 02: In what could be considered a first time initiative, five Indian wineries - Sula, GroverZ, Fratelli,York and Charosa have come together under the aegis of APEDA to take part in an exclusive India Wine Show at Millennium Conference Center in London Kensington where around 1000 professionals and consumers are expected to taste around 25-30 Indian labels and attend Master classes by experts, writes Subhash Arora who lauds the efforts by APEDA and congratulates the participants for promoting Brand India

Click For Large ViewAbout a thousand wine professionals from on - trade and off - trade, sommeliers, journalists and members of the public are expected to attend and taste about 25 wines from five of India’s quality wine producers- Sula, GroverZ, Fratelli, York and Charosa who have all confirmed their participation in the event being held from 6-8 November in Millennium Conference Center in London Kensington. 

The event has been divided into two parts, says Mr. Sunil Kumar General Manager of the governmental agricultural export promotion development agency APEDA. November 6, the first day, is reserved exclusively for the press and trade and special invitees.The other two days are meant for the public when around 1000 people are expected to visit and taste. The event, being managed by Wizcraft, gives a complimentary platform including the cost of rental of the stalls, wine service and the shipment of wines.

Mr. Kumar says they had invited all the producers for the event through the website and everyone had an equal opportunity to join. Mr. Kumar and one of his junior colleagues will be at hand in London, which he wishes and hopes will become an annual event. ‘We have about 700 other food products to handle but would like to make this a success as India makes good wines now and we want to help create Brand India also in wines.

Click For Large ViewSula will be represented by Hallgarten Druitt & Novum, their importers in the UK, according to Cecilia Oldne who is the VP and International Brand Director of Sula. ‘UK is Sula’s largest and one of our most important export markets.  A wide selection of our wines is already available across the country in restaurants through all channels. We have also achieved unprecedented success via M&S and Direct Wines, the world’s largest mail order wine operator. For us it is essential to support APEDA in this initiative. Steve Daniel is our brand ambassador in the UK and will pour at the stand,’ she informs delWine.

‘Having APEDA support us in increasing the awareness of Indian wines in the UK is an applause worthy initiative. With the ever-increasing influence of Indian cuisine and the long-standing colonial relationship, we’re seeing an increased interest in wines from India. It is an exciting time for Sula in the UK, and the future for Indian wines in this market looks bright. We hope the awareness of wines from India in the UK will go to the next level with the event’, adds Cecilia who would not be able to go personally as Sula is participating at the Hong Kong Wine Show at the same time and she had already committed to go there, a long time ago.

Sula will showcase Sauvignon Blanc 2015, Shiraz 2015, Zinfandel 2015, Dindori Reserve Viognier 2015 and Dindori Reserve Shiraz 2014 at the event.

Click For Large ViewGroverZ is sending the winemaker Karishma Grover selected earlier by delWine as one of the Top Ten Women of Wines in India 2015. She will present the Vijay Amritraj Reserve collection, La Reserve and Art Collection range.

 "We are Pioneers​ and also the most awarded wine brand of India, working actively to put our wines on the world map. UK is our 3rd largest export market in 20 countries and offers a great opportunity for Indian wines since Indian cuisine is popular. We are proud to be part of this event and appreciate efforts of APEDA to provide this platform for our targeted audience in London,’ says Sumedh Singh Mandla, CEO of Grover Zampa Vineyards.

Click For Large ViewAlessio Secci, the Tuscany-based Director of Fratelli will showcase 5 wines of this Indo-Italian JV, including 4 variants of the Chianti grape Sangiovese - Asia’s first Sangiovese Bianco, Sangiovese, Vitae Sangiovese and Sette. He will also conduct a Masterclass on Sangiovese, explaining how this Tuscan grape has adapted to the Indian soil and its different expressions in Akluj, Maharashtra.

‘We are happy APEDA is organizing this event to improve the image of Indian wines internationally. We will showcase unique and innovative wines including India’s first zero dosage sparkling. It will be a good opportunity to connect with the people personally and share our passion for wines’ says Alessio Secci who feels that the event will help them gain a stronger foothold and visibility in the international market.

Both Ravi and his winemaker brother Kailash Gurnani of York Winery will be there with a range of  Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Rose, Cabernet Merlot, the super premium Arros and their latest addition Sparkling Cuvee Brut. They have already participated in the London Wine Show through the now defunct IGPB but could not find the right partner and hope to find one this time.

Parag Kamat, Chief Operating Officer of Charosa Vineyards, the newest kid on the block (took an exceptionally long time to come out to the market after conception) says they will also participate with a complete range of Reserves and Selections. There Tempranillo and Sauvignon would be the wines to watch out for. They are showcasing their wines on an international platform for the first time but he is sure their quality and the packaging will be appreciated by the consumers.

Peter Csizmadia - Honigh, who has just launched his book The Wines of India in Mumbai last Thursday on 29th October after visiting most of the wineries and interviewing several Indian experts, will be at hand with his book. He will also present seminars on Indian wines. Whereas the book  gives insight into the Indian Industry from a foreigner’s perspective, his experience of visiting and observing the Industry from close quarters over the last one year, has given him a professional insight. Therefore, for visitors it will be ‘hot from the oven’ unbiased, technical information - very educational.

Besides him, there will also be Seminars by experts like Steven Spurrier, Alessio Secci (Fratelli), Jane Parkinson & Joe Wadsack, both from the BBC Food and Drinks.

APEDA has pitched in the funds for organising the event whereas the producers provide their wines and bear the cost of travel and stay arrangement. Mr. Sunil Kumar, General Manager of APEDA says ‘it is the first time we are doing an event at such a big and exclusive scale.We would like to make it an annual affair, provided there is an enthusiasm from the industry and the response is as good as we are anticipating.

Mr. Kumar says, ‘although there are hundreds of food products we handle  for export and the budgets are constraints, we shall gladly support the wine industry and push forward with Brand India. We hope more producers come forward to take part in such activities.’ The producers must understand that working with APEDA will help them project the correct image to the government that wine is but an agricultural product and must be delinked from liquor.

For Iinvitation visit

Subhash Arora

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Tags: Sula, GroverZ, Fratelli, York, Charosa, APEDA, India Wine Show, Millennium Conference Center, Brand India, Sunil Kumar, Wizcraft, Hallgarten Druitt & Novum, Cecilia Oldne, Karishma Grover, Top Ten Women of Wines in India 2015,Vijay Amritraj Reserve collection, La Reserve, Art Collection range, Sumedh Singh Mandla, Grover Zampa Vineyards, Alessio Secci, Sette, Kailash Gurnani, IGPB, Parag Kamat, Peter Csizmadia - Honigh, The Wines of India, Steven Spurrier, Jane Parkinson, Joe Wadsack, BBC Food and Drinks



Subhash Arora Says:


Thanks for mailing the link Tony-it has been duly posted in the Comments section with due credit to you. Myra also makes wines which are worthy to be included in Brand India-but I don't know why they did not participate. They are relatively new and perhaps not too keen to expand outside India for various reasons. You must know many people would like to export to UK-the very number of Indian restaurants and the past connections would make any producer salivate. But also the UK market sucks every drop of blood they can from the producers (they have an impeccable reputation about that!) and they may not be able to cut their costs to a level where they can make any money. Quality of some of the producers may not be acceptable to the market either. I am sure, eventually, UK will be one of the biggest markets for India and the producers are well aware of the pot of Gold that awaits them at the end of a treasure hunt. Enjoy the Show and Jai Ho! Thanks for raising that toast for me. I really feel honoured. Subhash Arora

Posted @ November 05, 2015 17:14


Tony Murphy Says:


We are very sorry you can't be at the event "in the flesh" but we will certainly toast you several times over the weekend - Jai Ho!!! And hope we can meet up in the near future...Re your comments about the commitment of producers, we have met several of them in the last few weeks on our business-trip to India and can totally vouch for your statement with relation to some (particularly Grover Zampa and YORK and also non-attendees this time such as Myra) - others I would have to say in all honesty are perhaps less committed to the UK market than their press-releases might represent! However, APEDA have certainly pulled together a fantastic line-up for this weekend which we are very much looking forward to . ! Yours sincerely, Tony Murphy & Prash Rana - DrochaiD Ltd.

Posted @ November 05, 2015 15:20


Subhash Arora Says:


Hi Toni, I am glad people in UK have good access to the information about the fair through my Article, courtesy Google. I am also sorry to know you all are having problems accessing the site for registration of request. The best way I know is to go to APEDA page in the Facebook and it has a Post from where one can request for the invitation. If that doesn't work, I suggest you contact Mr Chandra Dudeja who works with Mr. Sunil Kumar, GM of APEDA and is also attending the Show with him. He can be emailed at: giving reference to the Article and perhaps this communication. This ought to establish the seriousness of the request. Unfortunately, I will not be there physically but in spirit.. I hope you enjoy the tasting. I can tell you all these are good, serious and quality conscious producers you will hear a lot about, in future. Cheers!

Posted @ November 05, 2015 10:26


Tony Murphy Says:

Hi again Mr. Arora! Thanks for publishing the info about the Indian Wine Fair in London - would it be possible for you to add the link for people to register to attend the event as some people here in the UK are struggling to find it on the internet and as your page above is coming up high on the google search results page if the link was there they could easily register and receive their invites - thank you! Let us know if you will be able to come to London to attend the event yourself...

Posted @ November 04, 2015 17:14


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