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Divine Indian Wines from Italian Winemaker in Karnataka

Posted: Tuesday, 11 June 2013 17:52

Divine Indian Wines from Italian Winemaker in Karnataka

June 11: Bangalore-based SDU Winery has launched Deva labels of varietals-Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah wines with much fanfare and hyperbole, produced from the grapes cultivated in their own vineyards and with the help of the Italian consultant winemaker Andrea Valentinuzz, but surprisingly in non-standard full bottle size of 700 mL

‘Deva, which means divine in Sanskrit, adopts the simplicity of name and recall. Deva transcends from being a wine to an experience that words cannot describe. Deva symbolizes celebration of the inner light – a strong Click For Large Viewpassion. One sip of this fine wine will have everyone celebrating the spirit of life,’ says the Press Release. It does not mention that ‘D’ in SDU Winery stands for Deva- the son of the owner Shaambhavi Hingorani (S) and his wife Uma (U).

Two red wines are currently available in retail outlets across Bangalore.  Deva Cabernet Sauvignon (100%) is available in 350ml at Rs 325 and 700 ml at Rs 600. Deva Syrah (100%) is priced at Rs 275 for 350 mL bottle and Rs. 500 for 700 ml bottle. Grapes are procured from their own vineyards with 7-year old vines. The 33-acre estate had also planted new vines 3 years ago.

For the first time, it appears that a wine company has introduced non-standard quantity –international accepted norm is 750mL for a standard bottle and 375 mL for half bottle. 187 mL (airline-size) and 1 L sizes are also available at times in retail. But the company seems to have chosen 700 mL as its size whereas the normal half-bottle is 350 ml.

Located in the southwest region of Karnataka, on the outskirts of Bangalore, SDU claims to be India’s first new age boutique winery in the Nandi Valley appellation.

The Release is full of hyperboles. ‘The aim is to produce the most truly magnificent Indian wines for the wine connoisseur. These crafted, easy-drinking wines are not just superior – they are also divine. From its inception, SDU Winery has dedicated itself solely to the production of world-class red and white wines. The approach to wine making is simple, yet modern, in a state-of-the-art facility, with Italian machines and wine tanks that match international standards.’

Click For Large View ‘The bouquets in the Deva wines are a reflection of the pristine locale. The level of richness, balance and complexity found in our world-class wines are the impact of the gentle, authentic winemaking approach that has helped us define who we are. SDU Winery has focused on crafting new age fine wines. Our meticulously cared-for vineyards have perfect combinations of French grape vines, picturesque hillsides and ideal growing conditions, says Shaambhavi Hingorani.

“At SDU Winery, the wines represent the grapes primary expression. With state-of the-art wine tank infrastructure, we are undoubtedly the most progressive boutique winery in India,” reportedly says Andrea Valentinuzzi, the consultant Winemaker from Italy. Based in Friuli, Andrea has been consulting with several wineries including Vintage Wines near in Niphad, about 40 kms from Nashik in India and has introduced Italian varieties like Grillo and Nero d’Avola successfully at Vintage Wines.

Hingorani used to supply grapes to Grover Vineyards in Bangalore till 2011 but suspended supplies due to financial complications. Refusing to comment on the quality of wines, Alok Chandra, wine consultant based in Bangalore informed delWine that he had in fact been the consultant CEO at the winery for a year and handed over the charge once it was ready. Expressing confidence in the winemaker Valentinuzzi, he said the wines will surely improve further in the coming years. His personal favourite has been Cabernet, he says.

The winery has a capacity of 100,000 liters but 40,000 liters worth of grapes were crushed in 2012 and again this year. This would amount to about 4,500 cases available for sale.

Subhash Arora



Shakib Says:


This blog is published to Indian wine and its great idea of making of wine

Posted @ February 20, 2014 11:03


Heemanshu Ashar Says:

Subhash, Dev is the son's name and Deva is the name of the wine; both are different names which perhaps mean the same. Factual error in your article. Dev is son of Umeish and Shaambhavi Hingorani and not Shaambhavi and Uma as mentioned. SDU stands for Shaambhavi, Dev and Umeish. Heemanshu

Posted @ July 11, 2013 13:50


Subhash Arora Says:


Thanks for pointing out, Alok. But this is exactly what the Press Release said- 700 mL and 350mL. We could not cross-check but thanks for pointing out and helping us correct their error.

Posted @ June 13, 2013 11:37


Alok Chandra Says:

Hi Subhash Just caught your article on SDU – not sure where you got the info that the wines have been launched in 700 ml and 350 ml bottles as that is factually incorrect, the bottle sizes are very much the standard 750 ml and 375 ml sizes respectively, Regards, Alok Chandra, Gryphon Brands Inc, Bangalore

Posted @ June 13, 2013 11:20


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