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Study: Red Wine Healthier Drink in Several Ways

Posted: Friday, 14 December 2012 11:40

Study: Red Wine Healthier Drink in Several Ways

December 14: While several studies have shown red wine to be a healthier drink, a Study published yesterday in UK claims that red wine drinkers are also happier, better educated, more ambitious yet relaxed and drink more frequently while the white wine drinkers are more practical, content and love status quo but it is the rosé drinkers who adore Facebook the most of all wine drinkers

A majority of people might scoff at the report but Sir Gerard Basset MW, spokesman for ‘French Wines with Style’ which commissioned the report, claims it looks as though those with certain personality traits are drawn to certain styles of wine.

"They say you can tell a lot about someone from their favourite tipple, and it seems that it is definitely the case when it comes to wine” he says, asserting that their lifestyles really can be generalised according to their preferred wine colour. "From the study, Red wine drinkers appear to be the more relaxed of wine fans. White wine drinkers love the status quo. Whilst rosé fans are itching for change."

The study that examined in detail the social habits of 2000 wine drinking adults looked into several attributes including earnings, career prospects and personal attributes. More than half of red wine drinkers are university graduates and typically earn between £40-45,000 per year. In comparison, a white wine drinker makes around £25-30,000 per year, with just 43 per cent having attended university. The research also found that 55 per cent of rosé fans leave school by 18 and earn an average salary of around £30,000.

When it comes to style there is not much difference in thought - 59 per cent of red wine drinkers think they are stylish; with 88 per cent taking pride in their appearance. White wine fans are similar with 87 per cent taking care of their looks, and 56 per cent describing them as stylish.

The study also found the rosé lovers to be bigger fans of Facebook, averaging 146 friends and 13 visits to the site each week while red wine drinkers showed greater enthusiasm for 'real' friends and log onto social networks such as Facebook only eight times a week on the average.

Red wine drinkers are most likely to use words such as confident, relaxed, strong and intelligent. White wine drinkers tend to say they are practical, bright, shy, quiet and reserved. Rosé drinkers like to describe themselves as loud, warm and charming.

Researchers also revealed that red wine drinkers enjoy spending the money they earn. As a result of their more frequent and wider travels, they average visits to 10 countries. 76 per cent consider themselves to be 'cultured'. Red wine drinkers are also most likely to be happily married, with 52 per cent having taken the marriage vows and 86 per cent claim their relationship is a happy one.

Red wine drinkers also drink more frequently - an average four glasses of their preferred wine a week, white wine fans have three while rosé drinkers average just two glasses of wine a week – the least of all wine drinkers.

It might interest the researchers that in India where the warm climate would imply higher consumption of white wine, the red wine is consumed always twice more than white wine. Even assuming that red wine drinkers consume more, there are significantly more people who prefer drinking red wine-even theough the reason may be its perceived healthier attributes.


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