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Good Earth Winery Comes down to Earth

Posted: Monday, 26 September 2011 11:25

Good Earth Winery Comes down to Earth

Sep 26 : Within two years of launching their high priced Concerto Collection and less expensive Raga range, Pune based Good Earth Winery seems to have come down from its high horse with down to earth- priced, easy dinking wines, which will be more competitive against the established producers like Sula, Grover and Four Seasons, writes Subhash Arora who feels that these wines may be music to the ears of the company bottom line.

Good Earth has finally introduced a new line of wines designed to demonstrate the synergies of wine and Indian food pairings, says a company release, hopefully not implying that the earlier wines costing as high as Rs. 1450 for their Reserve Concerto Collection offered no such possibilities. The regional player does not have these wines in Delhi yet, but they are readily available in Maharashtra.

“We want to demolish the myth that Indian spices and cooking techniques are not compatible with wine, “said Girish Mhatre, founder owner of  Good Earth Winery while announcing that his team had  developed the taste profiles of their  new line of wines to match and enhance some of the most popular Indian dishes. ‘Everyday wines for everyday meals’ seems to be the mantra for marketing this range though it seems to send a signal that after trying their hand selling high priced wines, they are ready to face reality and compete with the rest in the pack to increase volumes and the market share.

Blanca is a white wine made from Nashik Chenin Blanc and is priced at a reasonable Rs. 495 as compared to the Sauvignon Blanc (Aarohi) costing Rs.725. Bella rosé made from Shiraz sells for Rs. 575 while the red Shiraz- Cabernet blend labeled Bleu is priced at Rs. 555- still higher than some of the established labels but within the compare and compete range.  All the wines have been ostensibly crafted to match different Indian dishes. The company has also been prudent to introduce them in half-bottle sizes (375 mL).

Existing range includes Concerto Collection- a Reserve range which has Basso (Cabernet Sauvignon) and Brio (Shiraz). Raga Collection has Aarohi (Sauvignon Blanc), Antaraa (Cabernet-Shiraz), Taal (Cabernet Sauvignon) and Tarang (primarily Shiraz), in tune with Girish’s love for classical music.

The company has a virtual winery, which means that they do not own any winery physically but buy the selected grapes and make their wines in a rented winery where their Director and winemaker Rajesh Rasal produces the wines.  The website now has it addressing itself as an artisanal winery, perhaps as a marketing strategy which has been a forte with them right from the beginning, with naming and designing  labels and giving marketing support and incentives in various forms to the consumers including a membership to the Concerto Club, a loyalty programme for its customers.

After an interview with the owner Girish Mhatre in November 2009, delWine had expressed concern that priced at Rs.1450 for Basso, Rs.1375 for Brio it seemed to be a tough ride ahead for the company to sell high volumes and make profits. But it was possibly their plan to build the brand. Getting registered with the Indian Embassy in Washington DC as a wine supplier this year is another feather in its cap and has helped its brand image.

The introductory offer of the new range gets you one complimentary bottle when you buy the taste pack of all three. Membership to the Concerto Club is a bonus. It makes sense to try out these wines at this price point with the attractive offer.

Good Earth wines are extensively available in Mumbai as also in Pune and Nashik. Several hotels and restaurants also stock these wines. For the complete listing and more details, visit
For an earlier article in delWine, visit Get Set to Taste the Good Earth

Subhash Arora



Subhash Arora Says:

Hi Girish. Yes, you are reading too much in between the lines. I did mention that Concerto Collection could be part of your strategy to establish the premium brand. If you are talking of remaining a small player making quality wines only but at high prices, that is your prerogative. But we also need the numbers to go up and that is where you needed to bring out this new line. My feeling is that you would perhaps need to bring another line at even lower price points in future but that depends on your business plans. Concerto Collection has no competition in India. More the discerning people with deep pockets you can tap, the more you will sell. But I would like to see much higher numbers and deeper distribution from professionals like you. Subhash

Posted @ September 28, 2011 12:10


Girish Mhatre Says:

Subhash, thanks for carrying this announcement about our new line of wines, but I do have one minor carp: Perhaps I’m reading too much between the lines, but I must say that I found the tone of some of your comments somewhat confusing. It sounds like you are saying that we got our comeuppance for daring to create quality, high priced wines in India. That is why I have to hasten to add that we are not retreating from the premium end in the least. This new line is a brand extension. The Concerto Collection – Basso and Brio – is doing quite well, over two vintages now. We have attracted a very loyal following among the cognoscenti. It is also selling well in NY and DC. Having product at various price points was always part of our strategy. We chose to start at the top (to establish a differentiated brand presence, a quality image and industry relationships) and then to migrate down the pricing curve, rather than the opposite.

Posted @ September 28, 2011 11:40


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