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Posted: Wednesday, November 25 2009. 17:45

Italian Gastronomic & Wine Treats In Venice

Gusto in Scena, conceived by the Milan based journalist Marcello Coronini and scheduled to take place from 1st to 3rd March 2010 at the Molino Stucky Hilton in Venice,  is an opportunity for the chefs interested in Italian cuisine and those specialising in Italian wines to come together for honing their tasting and marketing skills .

It is the first show in Europe to combine three events in one. It will act as an umbrella event for a gastronomic congress for top chefs, Chef in Concerto; I Magnifici Vini, a tasting featuring some 100 wineries from all over the world; and Seduzioni di Gola, an exhibition devoted to Italian delicacies.

Chef in Concerto will be the most important event in cultural terms. It distinguished itself last year since the chefs were asked to stay away from “spectacular dishes” and stick to simplicity, placing the accent on taste and therefore also on the ingredients.

The new challenge in the 2010 edition will be to open up a debate amongst chefs in order to establish “the definition” of Italian cuisine. Marcello Coronini’s idea stems from a precise question: “If French cuisine is the one that codified the basic principles of cooking in Europe, and Spanish cuisine is all about creativity and innovative ingredients, how can we define that of Italy?” In his view, “the fundamental feature of Italian cuisine is that it has always allowed chefs to interpret creatively the huge variety of raw materials that really make Italy unique.”

Gusto in Scena proposes to take this idea as a starting point and discuss it at the congress, where all the great chefs who are present will be invited to give their opinions. The goal is to leave the congress with a definition of our culinary identity.
To highlight this new concept, the chef speakers will present recipes prepared with ingredients, techniques or cooking styles from their particular areas or regions, but also according to their own personal vision. At Chef in Concerto each speaker will express his own point of view and the hope is to end the event with a definition that sums up Italian cuisine that is shared by everyone: one that holds true for Italy as a whole.

The congress will also be an opportunity for dialogue between the world of top restaurants and that of wine. Every dish presented on stage by the guest chefs will have a pairing suggested with one of the producers taking part in I Magnifici Vini, thus creating an intimate bond between the two events.

I Magnifici Vini will be an opportunity to display again the spirit of Mitteleuropa. Around 100 wineries - with 400 of their wines - will take part in the event and, apart from the Italian producers there will be about fifteen Austrian wineries and some of Slovenia’s most important producers.

An interesting and novel feature at I Magnifici Vini will be that all the producers’ tables will be arranged according to the classification of Sea, Mountain, Plain and Hillside, an interested concept devised and patented by Marcello Coronini with scientific aid from Professor Attilio Scienza. This classification will help to show how different environments exert an influence on wines but also – and especially - to what extent differences between wines derive from the history and traditions of a particular place: an aspect which assumes extraordinary cultural significance.

‘Italy does not have just one seashore or one range of mountains to offer, but many varied environments that result from centuries of toil and exertion on the part of the local inhabitants,’ says Coronini.

Completing the event will be Seduzioni di Gola, Seduction of throat-an exhibition featuring producers of gourmet delicacies from all parts of Italy. These will include cheeses, olive oil, mustard and many other gourmet products.

For more information visit or write to  


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