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Posted: Thursday, 18 June 2020 11:23

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True Italian Taste: Discover Italy and True Italian Taste through its Culinary Traditions

June 18: Indo-Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in India (IICCI) has collaborated with International School of Italian Cuisine (ALMA) near Parma to showcase to the gourmets in India True Italian Taste by conducting six-part weekly FREE webinars on various constituents of Italian cuisine, starting with Pasta on June 25 at 6 pm, to be inaugurated by H. E. Vincenzo de Luca, Ambassador of Italy to India, writes Cavaliere Subhash Arora

The series of six Seminars are exclusively dedicated to Italy's culinary traditions and are a part of the project True Italian Taste. ‘Conducted by the world renown faculty of The International School of Italian Cuisine (ALMA), the webinars will introduce you to the secret and wonders of authentic Italian food and help you discover Italy through its Culinary Traditions,’ says Claudio Maffioletti - CEO of Mumbai- based IICCI.

The best part of the project is that it is open not only to food professionals and chefs who specialise in Italian cuisine but also to students of hospitality industry and those with a craving for authentic Italian cuisine. The webinars are FREE and at the end of each webinar, those attending will also receive a participation certificate.

‘True Italian Taste aims to increase the knowledge and consumption of 100% made-in-Italy food and wine in markets where there is confusion among consumers between authentic Italian and other products that use Italian symbols or names even though they do not have Italian origin,’ adds Claudio.

The True Italian Taste project is a concept supported by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and is coordinated by Assocamerestero in collaboration with the Italian Chambers of Commerce Abroad. It is managed and implemented by the IICCI in India.

The Campaign is part of The Extraordinary Italian Taste campaign to promote and safeguard genuine, Italian agro-food products in Europe, Americas, Australia and Asia. 

Schedule of Webinars

The first webinar of the series on June 25 at 6 pm will be dedicated to PASTA, the quintessential epitome of Italian food. After H. E. Vincenzo de Luca, Ambassador of Italy to India welcomes and addresses the registrants, Claudio Maffioletti will talk about the concept of the True Italian Taste project in India. The 2-hour seminar will be carried out by the faculty of ALMA -Andrea Sinigaglia - General Manager and Chef Carlo Maria Ricci assisted by Binita Debnath, the Indian Alumna of ALMA.

Here is the Schedule of all Webinars, all of which will be on Thursdays at 6 pm every week

25 June – Pasta

 2 July – Cheese & Cold Cuts

9 July – Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVO) and Balsamic Vinegar

16 July - Pizza

23 July – Italian Breads

30 July - Gelato   

Presentation Module for Pasta

The module has been compiled with the intent of showing the staggering success of Italian Pasta, a deceivingly simple staple which has arrived on modern tables, practically unchanged, thanks to the perfecting of arts and crafts integrated in Italy’s vast manufacturing culture. The webinar is aimed not only at professionals and students in the hospitality and catering industry, but also to all those gourmets who are passionate about Italian cuisine and culture.

A few words about Pasta

Pasta is a staple food in Italian cuisine, made typically from an unleavened dough of wheat flour mixed with water or eggs and formed into sheets or other shapes, and then cooked by boiling or baking. Pastas are divided into two broad categories:

Pasta Secca (dried)- Most dried pasta is produced commercially via an extrusion process.

Pasta Fresca (fresh). Fresh pasta is traditionally produced by hand, sometimes with the aid of simple machines.

Both dried and fresh pastas come in a number of shapes and varieties, with 310 (three hundred ten!) specific forms known by over 1300 documented names in Italy. The names of specific pasta shapes or types often vary by the local area.

Common forms of pasta include long and short shapes, tubes, flat shapes or sheets, miniature shapes for soup, those meant to be filled or stuffed, and specialty or decorative shapes.

Pastas are classically used in one of three kinds of prepared dishes:

Pasta asciutta (boiled), also known as pastasciutta is boiled and then strained, plated and served with a complementary side sauce or condiment.

Pasta in brodo (brothed pasta) this is part of a soup-type dish.

Pasta al forno (oven pasta), incorporated into a dish that is subsequently baked in the oven.

Pasta dishes are generally simple, but individual dishes vary in preparation. Some pasta dishes are served as a small first course (antipasti) or for light lunches, such as pasta salads. Other dishes may be portioned larger and used for dinner. Similarly, Pasta sauces may vary in colour, flavours and texture and change the food experience.

It is naturally the most easily matched dish with Italian wines and one cannot enjoy pasta as much without wine. A wide variety of wines-white, rosé, red or even sparkling may be consumed depending on the texture and sauces and service timing of pasta. Italian wines are natural mates of Pasta.

ALMA - The International School of Italian Cuisine is world’s leading educational and training centre for the Italian food and beverage and hospitality sectors at an international level for training/pastry and bakery chefs, sommeliers, professional waiting staff and restaurant managers. It is located in the beautiful Ducal Palace of Colorno near Parma, proclaimed by UNESCO as the Creative city of Gastronomy in 2015.

For details and educational offerings, that include wine, by ALMA (La Scuola Internationale di Cucina Italiana), please visit:

https://www.minervaeduhub.com/ or write to eduhub@indiaitaly.com.

Be a part of community

You can also be part of the Indo-Italian Gourmet community simply by registering at Indiaitaly.com and enjoying the Seminars, if confirmed.

Cav. Subhash Arora

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