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Winebulance- Marketing Wine on Wheels

Posted: Thursday, 25 July 2013 18:06

Winebulance- Marketing Wine on Wheels

July 25: Although it might be years before the concept would find a practical use and possible replication in India due to the strict excise and distribution laws, an English retailer has come up with a simple idea to brand a Concept Delivery Vehicle called Winebulance and possibly partnering with businesses in other cities and even countries like the US where it seems to be present by design or by cloning.

Click For Large ViewThe idea is so simple that it was conceived last July by an English Blogger Kris who  runs in Florida. For sheer fun he had posted the picture of a car converted into an ambulance to carry wine and called it ‘Winebulance’ with the bye-line ‘Everyone Stay Calm! Wine is Here!'  he might even have used his own car as a model and Photo- shopped or used a similar programme. Not realising the huge immediate business potential the idea had, he let the matter pass, although he registered the URL, just in case.

A few months later, he was surprised to see the idea put into reality by a small wine merchant/ retailer in a small coastal town of Selsey in Western Sussex, called ‘The Selsey Off Licence’ which used a different version of the vehicle, looking like an ambulance  with ‘Winebulance’ and had duly trademarked and registered the name. Even the hallmark logo was similar, barring the dropping of ‘everyone.’ Kris might not have found that funny!

He writes on his blog, ‘I thought the idea of a Winebulance was so good that I purchased the URL The fact that someone decided to base a business idea solely off one of my memes is blowing my mind right now! But…a million ideas are thought-up every single day. I take minimal credit for someone “borrowing” my Winebulance idea and running with it. I wish the fine folks all the best with their venture! Just remember where you saw it first!’

Click For Large ViewHaving secured the business angle, Joanne Short, wife of Andy Short who owns the Selsey off License and the Winebulance now admits, ‘My husband (Andy) and I were shown your 'original' genius concept by a friend on Facebook earlier in the year, and we started to call our delivery van the Winebulance as a bit of fun at that was just a plain white old banger of a van at that point. We then copied your strap line as it is so good (and very British - Stay Calm etc) Thanks for being so generous and sportsman-like in your response to our very own British Winebulance.’

Interestingly, there is another ‘Winebulance’ in the USA, headquartered in Miami. It is shaped and outfitted like an old-time Ford ambulance. The rolling wine shop is outfitted with a refrigeration unit and a customized interior that includes wine racks, a retail counter which even offers branded wine-related items and even a portable bar resembling an ambulance stretcher. It also uses the attractive and easy-to-remember phone number 555-WINE-911!

According to the company this mobile wine retailer van can also be used for private events such as social gatherings, bachelorette parties, corporate outings, wine tastings, or co-branded marketing events.

Click For Large ViewWith retail and online sales gathering momentum in the US, deliveries become important. has opened an online wine shop and is currently shipping wines to fifteen states and the District of Columbia, hopefully trending toward same-day delivery. Some may fault internet wine sales taking the romance out of wine purchasing; Winebulance could perhaps marry the convenience of online ordering and still providing a personal experience. An Indian retailer like Wine Society of India or a producer could also greatly benefit from this in India one day.

One of these days, we shall find out the exact details about the UK-US business relationship. However, It will be a while before the idea can be put to use in India due to the current stringent retail distribution laws. But, if you are inspired by the idea that fructifies into something big, remember you read it first on delWine!

Subhash Arora

The credit for the article goes to my brother-in- law Raj Paul who sent me a picture of Winebulance this morning from Houston and I could not resist doing some research and bringing it to the attention of our valued subscribers-editor

Tags:  Winebulance, The Selsey Off Licence, British Winebulance, Wine Society of India



Subhash Arora Says:

David, I really thought of you and WSI when I was writing in the Indian context. Would love to be with you on the first call! Hope you are enjoying the SA winter. Subhash

Posted @ July 30, 2013 12:15


David Banford Says:

What a brilliant idea! If invited, Subhash, I will be back to drive this 'winebulance' myself and bring joy to the people!

Posted @ July 30, 2013 12:10


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