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Wine Preservation sans Sulphur soon a Reality

Posted: Saturday, 20 April 2013 12:15

Vinitaly: Wine Preservation sans Sulphur soon a Reality

April 20: An Italian company claiming to have developed a process of making wine without sulphites by using preservatives derived from grape pips, demonstrated the results at ‘Vini Senza Solfiti Integrapes’at the recently concluded edition of Vinitaly, giving hope to several wine lovers especially in India,who may get a chance to drink wine as it might also reduce headaches caused by Sulphites in wine.

The company Integrapes has been testing an anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial preservative derived from grape pips that it claims is as effective as sulphur. The product was on display at the recently concluded Vinitaly at Pavilion (Pad.) 10 in the area "Trendy oggi, Big domani” (trendy today, big tomorrow) with ‘Vini Senza Solfiti Integrapes’ where the visitors could taste white, red and sparkling wines made with the new process.

Derived from the polyphenols found naturally in grape seeds, the resulting solution is added to the must and wine at various points in the winemaking process. One liter of the preservative is essentially added to every 20 hL of wine at the end of the alcoholic and then malolactic fermentations and then prior to bottling.

The resulting wine is then non-sulphuric but reportedly has the potential to age, something many “natural” wines are criticized for not doing. The company claims that the wine is supposed to retain more of its natural aromas, particularly the more delicate floral aromas that sulphur usually masks.

According to a report in the Drinks Business, the company had been experimenting and conducting trials for the past seven years and claims to have wines from those vintages which are still drinkable. Donatello Calaprice, the Commercial director of Integrapes reportedly describes the method as a form of “homeopathy”. The process is available for red, white and sparkling wines.

The product has been endorsed by one of Italy’s leading wine writers Luca Maroni, who has been collaborating in the on-going tests. He has stated: ‘I have tasted hundreds of wines from around the world developed without sulphur dioxide but so far each of these has turned out to be, irreversibly, off, oxidized or stained by enological processing defects which compromise the integrity of the fruit. Then I tasted the first white wine produced with the Integrapes method and the fruit was blameless, pure and oxidatively still intact.’

Maroni has been a consultant to Vinitaly since 2000. He manages an important and large 500 sq mts. area, with the initiative TRENDY TODAY BIG TOMORROW: the selection of the best Italian producers who are relatively newcomers, curated by Luca Maroni.

Many wine lovers in India are deprived of enjoying wine because of the headaches it brings on, especially red wines.Generally, this is attributed to sulphites in wine although a study has also shown recently that the Asians are more amenable to such headaches because of their genes.

Subhash Arora

Tags: Vinitaly, Luca Maroni



Rohit Arora Says:

SULPHUR-fuss is a MYTH !

Posted @ April 29, 2013 10:30


Niladri Dhar Says:

Agree with Wes & Rohit. Like many other myths in the wine world, it is also a myth that sulfites are the cause of red wine headaches. Anyone dealing with wine science will confirm that. In addition to histamines, as already mentioned by Wes, scientists are also looking at tannins and the way the are absorbed in the human body, as one of the causes. It is a complex topic which is being reserched upon as we speak.

Posted @ April 29, 2011 10:20


Rohit Arora Says:

in full agreement with you, Wes !

Posted @ April 27, 2013 10:05


Riccardo Gabriele Says:

Fattoria Lavacchio in Chianti Rufina has already produced such a wine. This is also the first Chianti wine that can be called ‘organic’, according to the new legislation recently introduced and recognized worldwide. Fattoria Lavacchio, in fact, is a real organic farm, which has wholeheartedly adopted the philosophy of organic farming to produce all its products. It was a real challenge to make a sulphite-free wine "Puro" is pure because it was made using totally chemical-free wine making techniques. Technical Details are HERE. Riccardo Gabriele www.

Posted @ April 25, 2011 15:20


Wes Barton Says:

It should be easy enough for individuals to determine if their problem is due to sulfites. Many foods, as well as white wine, have a significantly higher level of sulfites than red wine. A reaction to sulfite cannot be allergic, by the way. One thing to keep in mind is dehydration. Beer drinkers don't need to worry about that too much. Drinking wine the guideline is to drink a glass of water of each glass of wine. I'll drink some water before, then again later when I feel the need. Dehydration and impurities are what cause hangovers with moderate consumption. Back to real red wine specific reactions, this is an area still being studied, so there's still some dispute, but it's fair to say there are many causes. Wine is extremely complex. I've had a reaction to a wine in from one vintage, but not the same wine the next vintage. One study I saw claimed 70% of reactions were from amines (half being histamines). A lot of people will take an antihistamine before they drink wine, which seems to work. Here's a relevant article: Google is your friend. It seems each new study or article on this complex subject has a new facet.

Posted @ April 23, 2013 11:05


Subhash Arora Says:

Thanks for your comments Wes. If you check our website, I often propogate against the myth that only Sulphites create headaches. After all, they are present in many other food items as well. But I don't need studies to tell me that in India most people who get headaches with wine-especially red wine, seem to be allergic to sulphur when I ask them. Perhaps, you could be kind enough to tell me the reasons and the remedy. I know headache is one of the significant causes of wine culture being stifled in India.It is a FACT that many more Indians don't drink wine as it gives them headaches. It would be really great if we could have them drink wine and not get headache. P.S.- I also have discovered that most of them drink low-end cheaper wines available. I suspect these wines use too much sulphites. Mostly, when they drink better wuality or organic wine headaches are lower. What inference would you draw? Subhash Arora

Posted @ April 22, 2011 13:57


Wes Barton Says:

You might want to do some research before propagating the myth that sulfites are the cause of red wine headache. There are many different causes, and sulfites are responsible for a very small percentage of them.

Posted @ April 22, 2013 13:54


Gary Spivak Says:

Do you know any Indian wine company that sells in 5 L bags?

Posted @ April 22, 2013 13:30


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