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Blog: Cannot Care for Cowardly Comments

Posted: Wednesday, 16 March 2011 10:46

Blog: Cannot Care for Cowardly Comments

DelWine carries every comment received against the articles, including mine-with minor grammatical editing and to block out efforts of self promotion directly or through lengthy comments, deviating from the issue. But there are occasional mails from anonymous readers who attack people personally-at times even with fictitious email addresses. We do not carry such comments and ask people not to hide their identity, writes .

DelWine has always tried to be bold but objective- sticking to facts and at times giving the viewpoint, clearly indicating so. We are never offensive to individuals or groups, be they importers, individuals, producers or governments. There are times when our viewers do not agree and tell us so. We carry out their comments religiously.

There are occasions when people have suffered in the industry due to individuals or companies and it upsets them so much that they tend to write to us anonymously. There is perhaps no better example of being financially hurt in the wine industry than by Indage. There are people who did not get salaries. I saw wine still lying in the tanks when I visited Nashik last month because Indage did not pick up the wine produced for them two years ago.

They did not allegedly pay a penny for participation in a wine show three years ago. There are suppliers and farmers who face ruin because of the Chougules. We have carried comments from most of our subscribers relating to these issues, only blanking out the ones that attacked Mr Shyam or Ranjit Chougule personally or were abusive.

As an example of what we do not accept was a comment from one Ramesh sent from cursing a producer about whom an article was recently published. I politely wrote to him that ‘I find your comments shocking but also very personal. We cannot publish the same unless they are related with some specifics. But if you have a specific instance of unfairness, by all means please let us know.’ Surprisingly, the mail bounced.

A few days ago one Vijay wrote from about the same producer, abusing and cursing him. My immediate answer to him was that it was not fair to accuse someone personally; certainly our eMagazine is not a platform for such below- the- belt allegations. This time, it did not shock me when the mail bounced back.

Another mail came to me yesterday from Vijay, this time from writing, ‘Why Mr.editor Not posting my genuine and True comments. Does it hurts you,’. Here is my instant reply, ‘Dear Vijay, it does not hurt me to place your comments- I had sent you a mail earlier saying it was more a personal attack than on the issue. You need to temper a bit and stick to the problem. We will publish it. Incidentally, the mail I sent to you bounced back earlier.’ No wine prize for guessing what happened to my  reply.

After scratching my head I realised that the only way to get my message to this reader Ramesh, Vijay or whatever his real name is- and with a fictitious address, was to reach him and the likes of him through this Blog . Apparently he has been badly stung financially by this producer and I understand his curses and indignation. Although my full sympathies are with him but I wonder about his need to be a coward and why he could not be more specific about the issues rather than repeatedly condemning him to hell.

It is not out of place to point out that the contents of some of our articles may not be flattering to some group, company, importer or a producer; more importantly the crusade against the unfair tax regime and the archaic rules and procedures of our government.  But we are never offensive to the individuals, be it in the industry or the government and just try to show our point of view which we believe is the only right one.

It might seem presumptuous to talk of leaders like Mahatma Gandhi who stood his ground against injustice or Nelson Mandela who followed him and opposed the regime promoting apartheid. They fought for a common cause, never attacking individuals. We can surely be civil and not throw stones standing anonymously in the middle of a crowd. If you have specific complaints, you need to get redressal help from the law. Unfortunately, we may not be of much direct help. But if you are bold enough, we shall gladly carry your comments, even if it hurts me or any of our panelists. Otherwise...   .  

…we cannot care for such cowardly comments.

Subhash Arora
March 15, 2011



Subhash AroraSays:

Thanks a lot for your comments, Ashwin, Debra, Romi and Karnic. They are very inspiring. Keep'em coming. Subhash

Posted @ March 22, 2011 09:55



kskarnic Says:

It is unfortunate that someone may be hard hit due to failures of a particular winery or somebody related to wine making. Anybody affected may well sharetheir aungvish with fellow citizen but using abusive language against an individual/ company may be termed as uncivilized. It is always the responsibility of editors to review comments before publishing and you have done that job effectively. well done sir.

Posted @ March 22, 2011 10:42


Romi Bhalla Says:

Subhash "let the cowards practice their cowardice and you Sir practice what you are best at; Wine Journalism"

Posted @ March 22, 2011 09:40


Debra Meiburg MW Says:

Well put Subhash. Thank you for the platform for rational discourse and sharing of truthful information, not for unsubstantiated defamation. I look forward to seeing Vijay outlining the issues that are clearly upsetting him so badly.

Posted @ March 19, 2011 10:30


Ashwin Rodrigues Says:

Subhash, your article has reminded me of your high standards of objective journalism. I'd like to acknowledge that and thank you for the good work you are doing. Cheers to that, Ashwin

Posted @ March 19, 2011 10:29



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