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Posted: Tuesday, August 05 2008. 16:45

Wine and Friendship

Besides the health benefits and lifestyle changes wine also helps build friendships. Therefore, delWine chose the Friendship Day last Sunday to start a wine blog for its readers.

Working 24*7 to bring out delWine twice a week puts me in straitjacket at times and affects my free spirited healthy lifestyle. This has inspired me to initiate a wine blog, initially on this website, where wine lovers can discuss any wine topics, and choose to be anonymous, if they like, using their own handle.

Don't like what is happening in Maharashtra? Surely, you are fed up with the high taxes. A particular retailer sold you a duff bottle and would not give you a replacement? Want to find where in Bangalore you can find a reasonably priced Chablis, Chianti Classico or Cava? You are not happy with screw caps and want to start a discussion with like minded people but do not want others to know who you are? This blog will be the place where we shall help you initiate the discussion.. so long as it is in colloquial and acceptable language and relates to wine and food, the two topics our website is dedicated to.

We hope this healthy discussion will help building up closer friendships and widen scope of getting more knowledgeable and tolerable about wine. We shall also share with you some of the wines tasted-whether or not they are in the market at the moment.

Happy blogging!


Wine Tastings

To celebrate the Friendship Day I chose two wines produced by my friends in Italy and France; Antonio Santarelli and Pierre Perrin whom I have met through wine connections over the last several years and consider as wine friends.

1.  Petit Manseng IGT Lazio 2007 Casale del Giglio

Produced by the Santarelli family in their winery in Latina, about 40 kms south of Rome in collaboration with the well-known Prof. Attilio Scienza of the University of Milan this wine is made with Petit Manseng, a grape variety from the Jura region of France, grown for the first time in this region by the family. The grape is late harvested giving higher level of sugar and slightly sweet but pleasant and fruity wine.

Tasting Notes: This wine with 13% alcohol content was brilliant, light golden colour; very clean and perfumed-full of fruity and spicy aromas. On the palate, the slightly off dry light to medium wine gives a very impressive mouthfeel. Very fresh and crisp-the first reaction is that of an exotic Sauvignon Blanc. Good structure too. After leading deliciously through the front to the back palate, the flavour disappears rather soon at the end though, with a rather short after taste. Quite refreshing aperitif wine for daily drinking, which will also handle grilled fish and chicken rather well. I  presume, it should be drunk young and will last 2-3 years. Vegetarians will love it.


2.  Châteauneuf du Pape 1985 Beaucastel 

Château de Beaucastel is owned by the Perrin family whose three generations have dedicated themselves into making wines which can be delicious and very age-worthy. The vintage of 1985 is one such example.

Beaucastel is also one of the few wineries using all the thirteen grape varieties, red and white, allowed by the Châteauneuf-du-Pape appellation, with a high percentage of Mourvèdre (30%), and Grenache (30%), Syrah 10%, Counoise 10% Cinsault 5% . Rest are divided among the remaining grape varieties: Vaccarèse, Terret noir, Muscardin, Picpoul, Picardan, Bourboulenc and Roussanne.

Grenache and the Cinsault give the wine its colour, intensity and softness. Mourvèdre, Syrah, Muscardin and Vaccarèse give ageing potential and dark, classic character. Counoise, Picpoul and other varieties provide freshness, fragrance and aromas.

I decanted the wine for about an hour and served it cool at 16º

Tasting Notes: Brick red colour. Clean with complex peppery bouquet. Well structured and rounded silky tannins with plenty of red fruit and leather. Fresh acidity has kept it young and vivacious. Good balance and persistence on the back palate made this seductive medium bodied warm wine an excellent way of celebrating Friendship Day with a couple of close friends.

You would have thought I had it with steak, mutton chops, sikandri raan or some heavy-duty red meat hearty dish. Well, I had it with a vegetarian pizza with mushrooms, peppers etc. and did not miss the pepperoni which would have made it even more delightful combo.

Ratings: to

Happy Tastings and a vary Happy belated Friendship Day!


August 5, 2008



kulpreet yadav Says:

August 07, 2008 9:03

This a great idea - to start a blog. Best wishes! I am sure it will get the best of experience of a lot of people and archive the info in an easy to reach format. Plus the one to one and one to many interactions... Cheers!


avisingh57 Says:

August 06, 2008 10:08

Hi there, WineguyIndia, and a Happy Friendship Day to you too!! You are possibly the only wine writer I read - and I read a lot - who caters to VEGETARIAN PALATES so can this be a possible lead-off on the Blog i.e. DO VEGETARIANS REALLY APPRECIATE WINE WITH THEIR FOOD? Maybe you could set the ball rolling with some insightful comments which would encourage larger participation. And to all you readers, out there, of delwine - HAPPY BLOGGING




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