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Nagpur Wine Club completes 10 Years
Getting manic to write about Mr Sharad Phadnis, President of Nagpur Wine Club (NWC) and the success stories of the wine club in India’s orange city Nagpur on the occasion of Club’s 10th Anniversary on 19 January, 2021, our guest writer Sheetal Kadam says she has always enjoyed interacting with him about wines and it was a pleasure meeting him last at the delWine Excellence Awards 2019 organised by the Indian Wine Academy and the Delhi Wine Club at Hotel Pullman Aerocity in Delhi and discussing the club activities
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A Case for Wine in Cask (Bag-in-Box)
For various practical reasons including ease and convenience of carrying, storage, serving, environment, lower carbon footprints, when new containers like Aluminium cans and paper bottles are finding acceptance, it is an opportune time for the 2 litre casks (Bag-in-box) to penetrated the market, writes the Aussie wine journalist, write and taster, Dan Traucki suggesting it could be a practical step as well for India with high import taxes
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John Salvi MW revisits Bordeaux 2019 En Primeur
An earlier Article on En Primeur 2019, one of the first ones in the segment, by our Bordeaux resident specialist John Salvi Master of Wine, was admittedly too critical and harsh and he revisits and revises it because he has been persuaded that his earlier, long and detailed analysis of the 2019 vintage in Bordeaux was too severe on the Red Wines and did not give them sufficient credit or analyse their quality and merit
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Choosing Wine to order with No Idea How To Select
Wine is undoubtedly one of the most popular drinks in the world that pairs with several dishes but it can also be confusing because of numerous styles and price ranges making it difficult to select the right wines for the meal. Our guest writer Beatrice Beard tries to unravel the mystery and guides our readers how to go about choosing a wine even if it means buying the cheapest wine on the Menu in a restaurant or a wine shop
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Lev Golitsyn International Wine Competition 2019 in Russian Crimea
There are several interested wineries that exist in Russia and Crimea some of which have hosted important OIV-based International Wine Tasting Competitions in the past and his previous visit had been to one when Crimea was part of Ukraine but this time when John Salvi MW was invited for the Lev Golitsyn International Wine Competition in Crimea, it had been annexed by Russia and it was a different ball game, he writes
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Greece: The Wine Word in Greek
Greece had not been making quality wines till a few years ago but now several small size wineries have come up with high quality as the objective and with so many local interesting grapes available, they are ready to find their place on the international shelves, writes Dan Traucki who attended a Masterclass by Yiannis Karakasis MW, where he could taste wines from 20 Greek wineries and came out as a fan of the Greek wines
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Truth behind the Greek Myth
It used to be a case of beware Greeks talking up their wines but that has all changed says our Australian guest writer Dan Traucki who investigated into this myth and discovered that although they were producing mundane wines earlier but with modern winemaking techniques coupled with unique ancient native grape varieties, they are making some really interesting wines.
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Why Wine Whine Australia
Wine Australia, formerly known as Australian Wine & Brandy Corporation, used to do a wonderful job of keeping the exports honest by checking every wine before it left the Australian shores but replacing the system with only random audits in Australia by flying auditors does not auger well for the reputation of Aussie wine exports, writes Dan Traucki a vocal critic of the new policy, from Australia
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Abrau Durso: Tale of a Wine Competition in Russia
The huge Sparkling Winery of Abrau Durso, in the small village of the same name, decided to organise a mini wine competition along the lines of the Paris tasting organised by Steven Spurrier, to compare Russian wines to those from Outside Russia. John Salvi MW who was one of the 4 non-Russian judges, reports on the event
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Insulting good wine by reducing its potency
It would be better to drink less wine, or even water it down with ice, than to cut alcohol levels, says our Guest writer, Charles Metcalfe in response to our article in the previous issue which focussed on the British Health Secretary wanting to lower the legal limits to 4.5% at which the drink may be called wine, reasoning that wines with alcohol lowered to 4.5% don’t taste decent.
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Nashik: The Falsification of a Terroir
In 2010, Haryana based National Horticulture Board and Nashik Valley Wine Producers Association (AIWPA), applied to the Chennai based National Geographical Indications Registry, for a Geographical Indication in the name of: “Nashik Valley Wine”. Rajiv Seth wonders if the producers and the growers of Nashik are justified in
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The Tuscan Tasting Marathon 2013
Tuscany organises three major successive Tasting events every year - Chianti Classico Collection in Florence, Anteprima del Vino Nobile in Montepulciano and Benvenuto Brunello in Montalcino where the latest vintages released after the statutory
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Lagrein-More than a Meat and 3 Veg Wine
Originating in the Trentino - Alto Adige area of northern Italy, Lagrein is one of the indigenous Italian varieties that is being increasingly cultivated in Australia thanks to the presence of several immigrants who are passionate about the Alternative grape
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Restaurant Ratings can be misleading unlike Wine
Ratings and awards are ways of showcasing a restaurant’s prestige and placement in the market. Broadly, they are supposed to be the ultimate validation of an F&B
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CCC ’13: Chianti Classico Wine Academy
Consorzio Vino Chianti Classico has launched a brand new project and opened an « Academy » in the beautiful and lovingly renovated former 18th century Santa Maria al Prato Convent in Radda in Chianti during the Chianti Classico
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