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German Court Bans Brewer calling the liquid Healthy
Although The European Union’s highest court ruled in 2012 that the word ‘Bekoemmlich’ carrying connotations of health as well as tastiness could not be used to describe wine on the label, beer industry has been apparently still using it but a German top court has ruled against it after a consumer rights group sued a brewery on the basis that its advertising falsely suggested health benefits
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Study: Five Healthy Habits including Moderate Wine Drinking for 10 years Extra Life
Maintaining five healthy habits -- eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, keeping a healthy body weight, not drinking too much alcohol-limiting wine consumption to one glass (150 mL) for women and two glasses for men, and not smoking during adulthood may add more than a decade to life expectancy, according to a new study conducted by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and reported in Circulation Journal on April 30
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Red Tooth Paste from Red Wine on the Anvil?
Red wine is doing the rounds again with all the miraculous cures it has to offer, including a Study recently claiming that two glasses of red wine before sleeping at night made you lose weight and another one claiming, a glass of wine daily is equivalent to an hour in the gym so it is hardly surprising to learn about a Research that the polyphenols could help prevent damaging microbes from attaching to the gums and a red wine tooth paste merited attention
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D2H Red Wine Benefit for Heart
The Louisiana State University (LSU) -Department of Comparative Biomedical Sciences has developed a new treatment for heart disease using antioxidants from red wine by using Research that has indicated that having a glass of red wine could be good for your heart, but with Professor Tammy Dugas’ program, even the non-drinkers may get those benefits
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MIND Hybrid Diet with a Glass of Wine reduces Alzheimer’s chance
Scientists have created a hybrid eating plan that combines components of the DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diet and the Mediterranean diet as a way to boost brainpower and slow cognitive decline and thus the chance of your getting Alzheimer’s Disease. Called hybrid diet MIND (Mediterranean Intervention (Dash) for Neurodegenerative Delay), it involves pastries and wine, as well as leafy greens, fish, poultry and berries
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Study: Size of the Wineglass Does Matter
It is an established fact that the taste and aroma profiles of wine improve with the size of the wineglass but the larger wine glasses also increase the pleasure of drinking, which may in turn increase the inclination to drink more, according to a Study conducted by researchers at the University of Cambridge and published Wednesday in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), noting 7-fold increase in glass capacity during the last 300 years, but the increase in size should not matter if one is aware that the health benefits from wine are based on a maximum of 2 glasses with 125 mL and 12.5% alcohol and beyond that alcohol harms your system, opines Subhash Arora.
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Sulphite-Free Wines on the Anvil
Winemakers are known to have added sulfites to preserve various products including wine since the time of the Roman Empire. A class of compounds including sulfur dioxide and sulfite salts act as antioxidants and antibacterial compounds and can occur naturally during the winemaking process. They can also be added by producers to preserve freshness and boost flavour in wine.
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Red Wine Relaxes, Liquor makes you Aggressive
An Analysis of the responses of about 30,000 young adults between the age of 18-34 and published in BMZ open journal suggest that one should drink wine or beer for relaxing, while liquor makes one aggressive though also confident and sexy, perhaps partly explaining the growing aggression in India and the increasing population of liquor drinking majority
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Study: Even Small Intake of Alcohol may Increase Cancer Risk
The American Society of Clinical Oncology has officially called attention to the link between alcohol and cancer, citing evidence that even light drinking may raise the woman’s risk of breast cancer slightly and oesophageal cancer, with heavy drinkers facing much higher risks of mouth and throat cancer, voice box and liver cancer, though it has not singled out wine
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Study: Wine might Boost Better Fertility
While it is still controversial if pregnant women should drink wine, a Study in the US has concluded that women who drink at least one glass of red wine a week have a higher chance of fertility than those who don’t, with scientists believing that this could be due to an antioxidant that is abundant in red wine, but with some experts pointing out that the results should be considered with caution
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Study: Two Glasses of Wine a Week OK for Pregnant Moms
Experts agree that binge or heavy drinking during pregnancy is harmful for the fetus but not much is known on how little a pregnant woman could drink without harming the unborn, according to a paper published on Monday in the journal BMJ Open which suggests nevertheless that 2 glasses of wine a week would not harm the baby
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Study: Placebo Effect makes Expensive Wines Taste Better
As if one needed a Research Study to tell us that people perceive expensive wines to taste better, we are informed through a small German Study conducted at the University of Bonn that there are higher expectations from more expensive wines and the expectation changed regions in the brain that process the sense of taste, pretty much like with placebo drugs
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Study: Compounds in Wine might prevent Flu
According to a Study on mice published by the journal ‘Science’ and conducted at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, a particular gut microbe can prevent severe flu infections, perhaps by breaking down naturally occurring compounds, Flavonoids which are commonly found in red wines, black tea and blueberries
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Study: Wine in Moderation cuts Diabetes Risk by Half
According to a new Study conducted by a team of scientists in Denmark and published in Diabetologia, the journal of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes, wine drinking in moderation can reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes by 58% for women and 43% for men although cautioning against the risk of drinking alcohol in excess for various other diseases
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Mother of All Studies on Wine and Health to Start
Hundreds of studies have shown wine drinking in moderation to be healthy, even though a few should be taken with a pinch of salt due to the antecedents of the researchers or the source of grants with an increasing number thriving on contrarian views and conclusions, thus prompting the National Institutes of Health in the USA to soon spend $100 million for scientific clinical trials across 16 countries, but doubts are already being raised about the efficacy as the majority of funding is pledged by alcobev producers
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Study: Wine may increase Risk of Breast Cancer
Although many studies have shown that wine is good for heart, a few have also tried to ascertain that it increases the risk of cancer and even a glass a day may increase the risk of breast cancer, according to the latest study at the University of Minnesota, even as a health journalist blames the media and the scientific community for trying to get attention by looking for health effects of popular foods
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