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Delhi Wine Club

After 90 Delhi Wine Club dinners, we know better than others how to combine fun with learning!

Thank your key clients with a wine dinner: Hosting a wine dinner for your most important clients or foreign principals could be a very original way of thanking them. We have done it on behalf of a chartered accountancy firm, which wanted to honour its Japanese clients, who included the CEOs of the Toshiba, Sumitomo and Marubeni operations in India .

Educate your staff on the intricacies of wine: A wine dinner can also be a great way to acquaint your staff, especially those who have business to do with your international clients, with the intricacies of wine without making it seem as if they are going to school. Our wine appreciation evenings combine fun with learning, which was what we did at the India Habitat Centre, the country's most exclusive corporate club.

An alternative to kitty parties: A leisurely wine afternoon can also be something different for kitty party groups to do or for the wives of your executives to get busy with, when their husbands are tied up in conferences. It's a great bonding exercise and there's not a moment left to get bored. We have organised events like these for the Mumbai's Tashi Delek Club, a club of women engaged in a number of community activities, and several Rotary Clubs in Delhi .

An idea for event organisers to follow up: An event organiser in Nepal is actually selling wine lunches and dinners and we are his wine education partners. People are happy to pay a little more for a meal that offers more than just food.

•  Whether it's lunch or dinner, we organise our events in such a way that our guests have a novel experience and go back home satiated and better-informed.

•  We are very well equipped to take on the responsibility of organising the events on a turnkey basis - fixing venue, decor, music, food and wine -- within the budgets prescribed by you.

•  We offer three kinds of alternatives:

(a) A 'Bubbly Evening' dedicated to Champagne and other sparkling wines;

(b) A 'Wonderful World of Wine' experience, where we give people an introductory knowledge of wine and answer their questions.

(c) A ' Joy of Wine ' dinner, where we organise a wine dinner featuring either wines from different countries or just one country.

(4) Each lunch or dinner will have three parts:

(a) An introductory interactive talk by us, accompanied by an aperitif and maybe even a short film (30 minutes).

(b) When lunch or dinner is served, we introduce each course and the accompanying wine before they are served. We keep giving information on wine grape varieties, reading wine labels, ordering wine at a restaurant, storing and serving wine at home, and the right kind of glassware. Your esteemed guests can take back home copies of the menu that will carry your corporate logo as well as ours.

(c) At the end of the lunch or dinner, before dessert is served, we have a quiz based on our interactions. Those who answer the questions get giveaways.

(d) Before the guests leave, we give them a handout answering their basic questions with your corporate logo as well as yours.

(5) Please note that you'll have to bear certain fixed costs, which can be divided under five heads:

(a)  L-20 Banquet Licence - Rs 3,500/- per dinner (in Delhi ). The rates vary from state to state.

(b) Indian Wine Academy 's Fee - We will let you know about it when you get in touch with us.

(c) Dinner for Indian Wine Academy President and Executive Director

(d) Return airfare and hotel accommodation for the Indian Wine Academy 's President and/or Executive Director for outstation assignments.

(6) The rates per person will depend entirely on the package provided by the hotel or restaurant, the choice and quantity of wines served, and the kind of music and décor you'd like for the lunch/dinner. We work backwards from budgets given to us by the hosts.

(7) For the fee we charge, we deliver the following services:

-- Select and Source Wines.

-- Food and Wine Pairing.

-- Prepare and Design Menu with Tasting Notes.

-- Select Glassware.

-- Monitor Wine Service to Avoid Wastage and Ensure that the Wines are Served at the Right Temperature.

-- Prepare and Distribute Information Handout.

To figure out our capabilities and understand our track record, click on About Us . We look forward to hearing from you. If you wish to contact us now, send an email to with a copy to , or call 98183-68428 (Subhash) or 98108-62451 (Sourish).


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