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Editor : Subhash Arora  
No. 153 : : August 14, 2007

Mailed to over 6,000 wine and hospitality industry professionals
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Editorial : Discriminatory Wine Bar Policy of Maharashtra
The new policy of Maharashtra allowing the setting up of exclusive wine bars in Maharashtra for a nominal annual fee is obviously a welcome step but it reeks of being parochial and certainly anti-wine consumer
India Develops a Nose for Wine
At a Sunday evening dinner hosted by the Delhi Wine Club at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, the dining room was dotted with new and veteran wine enthusiasts. Members of the Club congregated over champagne
Wine Consumption enjoys Phenomenal Growth in Pune
After metros it is now the second tier Indian cities that are enjoying an unprecedented boom. Pune, riding the wave of growth in the IT sector, enjoyed an increase of 62 percent sales of wine in the first
Chile Moving into Australian Market

Douglas Murray, director and founding partner of leading Chilean wine producer Montes, spent the last week in Australia and says his company soon hopes to sell 50,000 cases a year here. Chilean wines

Future to open 1500 small Fair Price Shops
Kishore Biyani-promoted Future Group, whose flagship Pantaloon Retail is country's largest listed retail chain, has announced setting up over the next two years of a new format 1,500 shops retail chain to be
Retail Boom Boon for Wine Producers
A boom in the organised retail and the government policy of allowing the sale of wines through supermarkets will prove to be a boon for wine companies. Big players like Diageo, Champagne Indage and UB
Wal-Mart to offer Services outside Bharti
Even while Bharti and Wal-Mart are in the honeymoon phase, there is a possibility that Wal-Mart has a roving eye. After the break up with its affair with Tesco, Bharti seemingly had a happy union with
Delhi Wine Club
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