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eNewsletter No. 139 : : June 22, 2007

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Vinexpo concludes successfully
The 14th edition of Vinexpo came to an end in Bordeaux on Thursday with a general consensus that it was successful despite the inconvenience caused to South Africans and a few other producers.
Rise and Fall of an American Dynasty captured in latest Book
The House of Mondavi: The Rise and Fall of an American Wine Dynasty, written by Julia Flynn Siler was released in the US earlier this week. The saga of Robert Mondavi's meteoric rise in the sixties till the buyout
Wine Feature: Say Prost with Prosecco

The fresh, fruity and frothy sparkling from The Prosecco region is a delicious simple wine that you can have a glass or two of, anytime during the day or with a complete meal. Conegliano-Valdobbiadene belt

Russian ban on Moldova Wines to be lifted soon
The 15-month ban on wines from Maldova into Russia seems to be ready to be lifted though it may be a couple of months before the wines can actually be exported. It remains to be seen if it will pull out the
New Italian White from land acquired from Mafia
Campo Libero is the first wine made in Lazio region with white grapes grown on land acquired from Mafia. It has become a symbol of the fight against organised crime, incurring the wrath of gangsters from
TP Uberoi Leaves Park Hotel for Morocco
Tej Pal Uberoi, the affable and cool General manager of Hotel Park, new Delhi has called it a day and seeks greener pastures beyond the borders. He is leaving to join a new hotel in Morocco- basement up.
Wine Still Expensive But Packaged Water to Cost Half
There seems to be no respite in the high wine prices, Indian or imported, packaged water prices are to be cut to half, from Rs12 per liter bottle to Rs.6 (€0.10) a bottle for the same, reports indiaretailbiz
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