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No. 848 : : June 17, 2020
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Blog: The Wine Paradox
June 16: Wine is an interesting subject-on one hand it is merely a food product-like a condiment that gives synergy to food for a gourmet and on the other you could immerse yourself in this vast subject so much that one lifetime is not enough to learn all about it, making it the Wine Paradox, writes Subhash Arora who believes one can evolve from being a novice enjoying the journey to the other end with extensive learning throughout his or her life, without

Wine Origin Alliance organizes Wine on Earth Taste-a Thon on June 17
June 16: Wine Origins Alliance, a collective of 31 wine regions in 11 countries is organising the first ever Wine on Earth Taste-a Thon which will feature tastings organized online by producers and trade associations from 16 wine regions representing 8 countries, including Consorzio Vino Chianti Classico, reports Subhash Arora. The first-ever Wine On Earth Taste-A-Thon is being organized on Wednesday, June 17 by Wine Origin Alliance. It will be a

Featured Wine: 50 Years of Super Tuscan Tignanello from Marchesi Antinori
June 17: Tignanello Toscana IGT from the House of Marchesi Antinori, might spend its 50th year in 2021 or even 2025, depending on the outlook of the owners but it is one of the most revered Italian brands that compete with top Bordeaux wines at 2-4 times its price, writes Subhash Arora who believes that the forerunner was introduced in 1970 with many years of underlying work with Giacomo Tachis, the winemaker who introduced Sassicaia, a decade

Delhi decides to Roll Back Corona Cess of 70% on Alcohol
June 07: The Arvind Kejriwal-led Delhi government has decided to come down from their high horse and decided to roll back the ridiculously high Corona Cess Tax of 70% on MRP with effect from June 10, thus also ringing bells of trouble for the neighbouring Haryana which created a ‘lootpaat’ with the Retailers jacking up the prices to fleece the hapless customers who are addicts or in any case had pent up demand after the lockdown on March 23 did not allow

Bordeaux starts Release of En Primeur at 33% cheaper over 2018
June 03: The well-known Bordeaux En Primeur was cancelled last month due to Covid, but two of the Growths, Chateaux Pontet-Canet and Palmer have disclosed the prices of 2019, at almost a third discount on the 2018 vintage, even as our Bordeaux expert John Salvi MW in his analysis of the Vintage, predicted a fall, not only because of the Pandemic but also because the Vintage was GOOD but not GREAT as some have being insisting, writes

Mumbai Gears up for smooth Home Delivery of Wine and Beer
June 09: Keeping in view the immediacy of the problem of sales during the Covid-19 times, retailers in Mumbai are honing the art of home delivery with organised Retail like Nature’s Basket including them in their mobile Apps and importers like the Wine Park and Gusto, focusing on easing the ordering and delivery procedure, even as stand-alone retailers like Juben Wines, reinforce their delivery service as USP for improving sales, writes Subhash Arora

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