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No. 839 : : February 13, 2020
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Blog: From our Archives- Indian Wine Industry in 1990's
Feb 12: 'India makes spirited entry into the international wine market with leading French producers endorsing the product' was the headline screaming at you in this Article published sometime in 1990. I came across the Article today accidentally, from my archives stored about a decade ago in an email account I hardly ever use. Regretfully. I don’t know the source but I am reproducing the extremely interesting Article that had a strong connection with

Chennai Express: Sula Conquers Last Indian Bastion
Feb 09: If there was one positive news in the Indian wine industry undergoing an unprecedented and unexpected slowdown this year, it is Tamil Nadu opening the market by allowing sale of Indian wines through the elite stores of Tamil Nadu State Marketing Corporation (TASMAC) which has given an order of 100,000 bottles to the leading producer Sula Vineyards with an order to Fratelli Vineyards and Grover Zampa being also in the queue, says

Taxes on French Import make Wine Market crash in the USA
Feb 08: Import duty of 25% imposed on French Wine imports into the US By President Trump from October 18, 2019 has resulted in a fall of 44% by value with French producers asking EU to compensate them for the loss, writes Subhash Arora who feels that the reverse of this could well apply to India, in that reduction of duties could result in an excellence growth in wine import with the prices coming down. In what has come as a shock to wine growers,

Wine by Drone for Australian Couple in Quarantine on Cruise due to Coronavirus
Feb 09: Wine is known to offer a lot of benefits but a couple quarantined in the cabin of their cruise ship Diamond Princess, found boredom was a problem that could be resolved with wine and requested their wine club to send some wine, and the Club obliged by sending them two cases of wine through a drone on February 7, making a beautiful human story that might bring a smile on the faces of thousands stuck in the quarantine and a story for their

Vinexpo Paris and Wine Paris: Spirits to grow faster than wine during 5 years
Feb 11: The 3-day wine and spirits show in a new combined format, Vinexpo Paris and Wine Paris opened yesterday at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, with the inaugural conference revealing that spirits would continue to see premiumisation as an upward trend, spirit industry growing faster at 0.6% compared to wine at 0.2% and with a warning light for the wine trade due to the shifting perception of wine in younger generation, hitherto taken for

The Seven Best Vineyards to Visit in Montenegro
Feb 13: When people think of European vacation destinations Montenegro is usually not the first place that comes to mind. This being said, the country has been experiencing a massive increase in tourism over the last decade. With its Adriatic coastline, rugged mountain ranges, and medieval villages it has the mix of natural beauty and historical intrigue that many travelers find appealing. One particular aspect of Montenegro that has been receiving more

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