No. 682: : January 29, 2016

Assistant Editor : Natasha Vohra

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Wine Travels: Bangalore Soma Vineyards- Pursuit of Silence
Jan 28: Bangalore Soma Vineyards owned by D. N. Raju is getting extremely popular as a wine destination and for unique wine events for a couple of year but the company floated by this acoustics engineer from IISC Bangalore, was inspired by Michel Rolland and has been a major grape supplier to Grover Vineyards in Bangalore for over 10 years, writes Subhash Arora who attended one such rocking wine event organised by the Bangalore Wine Club and

Wine & Food Feature: Singer Legend receives First Wine and Culture Award for LVE Wines
Jan 28: Grammy, Golden Globe, and Oscar-winning singer, lyricist, poet, actor, multi-instrumentalist and philanthropist John Legend may be currently in the news for his performance slated for the Fund Raiser on February 11 when President Obama visits Los Angeles, but wine connoisseurs in the US would recognise his LVE- Legend Vineyard Exclusive Wines, produced at Raymond Vineyards in Napa Valley, winning the first-ever ‘Wine Star

How Dangerous and Imminent is Climate Change in our Bordeaux Vineyards
Jan 22: The United Nations Conference on Climate Change last December in Paris where about nations congregated, was mercifully such a relative success, especially with regard to Carbon Dioxide or CO2. One thing is quite certain that is that continued uncontrolled increase in the production of CO2 will eventually lead to disaster. Eventually it will affect almost everything including all plant and vegetable life and all respiratory functions, writes John Salvi

‘Wine’ may be soon extinct in Iran
Jan 27: Iran may be known as one of the oldest wine producing nations in the world and Shiraz grape popularized by the south of France might have originated in the Iranian city of Shiraz which was known to have been popular with Mughal emperors and later even grown in India for the British wine drinkers in collaboration with Iranian businessmen, but the Islamic Revolution banned the use of any alcohol in 1979 and now proposes to ban even the mention of

Female Power at WSET Vintnerís Cup
Jan 28: Women are known to have a better olfactory system making them better at nosing wines but that might only partly explain how a woman has won the Vintners' Cup at the WEST Diploma Award, for 10th year in succession with Hong-Kong educated, China-born Jingwei Sun winning the cup this year in which there have been no additions to the Diploma holders from India. The Vintners' Cup is awarded every year to the WSET Diploma candidate achieving

Austria Chosen as the Best Wine Tourism Destination in Europe
Jan 28: While a majority of us might think of Bordeaux (France), Tuscany (Italy) or Douro Valley (Portugal) as the best wine destinations in Europe but at the Travvy Awards, considered as the ĎAcademy Awardsí of the American travel industry, Austria was chosen as the best wine tourism destination in Europe because of well-co-ordinate efforts of both the wine and tourism promotion agencies making the destination a pleasure. The jury, made up of

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