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Assistant Editor : Natasha Vohra

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Blog: Top Ten from the Year 2015
Dec 26: As the year comes to a close, we all tend to look at the wine events of the year, best wines, best producers and similar wine related activities but I decided to take a different road this time and looked at the Top Ten Articles of delWine, that were most interesting and topical but will hopefully have their relevance even after a year, writes

Blog: Merger of Sula and Grover Zampa on the Canvas
Jan 05: Shocking as it may initially sound, the merger of two of the wine industry biggies, Sula and Grover Zampa might be a reality with both under one umbrella Corporation that would go public and help the existing investors and shareholders unlock the capital at higher than otherwise expected returns and offer small investors an

Top Ten Indian Wines for Cellaring
Jan 05: Ten years or even five years ago, it would have been practically impossible to identify domestic wines which were age-worthy but there has been a sea change during the last 5 years with several new wines entering the market using better quality of grapes and processing including barriques for maturing, making them age-worthy for

Masterclass: Prosecco with Pizza and Pasta in Amalfi
Jan 21: The northeast Italian bubbly Prosecco being the most exported sparkling wine In the world since last year, was the protagonist of the Delhi Wine Club Dinner at Amalfi Restaurant where the members enjoyed the seemingly infinite number of Pizzas and Pastas and Primi Piatti with Prosecco of different labels that followed a

Delhi Wine Club Dinner: Prosecco Tasting Blind
Jan 29: A blind tasting of 12 Prosecco and Spumante Rose from the Prosecco region conducted by the Indian Wine Academy at Amalfi Restaurant for members of the Delhi Wine Club and some quasi-professional tasters threw up surprising results as happens often with such tastings, with the Top two bubbles being the cheapest in the

Blog: Hotels must follow Norms or Face Cancellation of DFL Facility
Feb 05: The 5-star hotels and some restaurants were given the facility over a decade ago to buy wine and liquor against customs duty free licenses under certain norms of foreign exchange earnings in order to facilitate tourism but they are hardly following the condition of price mark ups. It is high time the new government ensure that they

Tuscany Taste 2015: Carmignano- Father of Super Tuscan style wines
March 05: The term Super Tuscan for one style of Tuscan wines was coined half a century ago, implying the use of foreign grapes like Cabernet Sauvignon and the use of oak barriques, making Carmignano as the father of Super Tuscans according to the producers of this zone, a couple of whom I visited during my recent trip to Tuscany

Vijay Amritraj Visits Delhi Golf Club
March 03: Vijay Amritraj, the legendary Indian tennis player now residing in California may not have visited Delhi in person but was present in spirit (correction-wine!) when both the Vijay Amritraj (VA) Reserve Collection red and white wines were presented to the Delhi Golf Club members, along with four other award winning wines by Sumedh

Delhi Wine Club: Visiting Nashik Wineries & SulaFest
March 10: A group of Delhi Wine Club members visited Nashik during SulaFest and tasted wines and/or visited wineries of Grover Zampa Vineyards, Vallonne, Vintage, Charosa, York, Casablanca and of course Sula where they spent one long evening enjoying music, food and wine at the SulaFest, writes Subhash Arora who had

Prowein 2015: Crescendo for a truly International Wine Show
March 23: The 22nd edition of ProWein ended last Tuesday on a high note with record 52,000 plus international trade visitors in some professional capacity visiting the annual wine and spirits show to taste and interact with 5970 exhibitors from 50 countries to discuss business in the newly organised Halls 17 to 9 which housed the

15 Years of Indian Wine Industry
March 24: It is a coincidence that the defining moment for the Indian wine industry in its present form was in 1999- around the same time as the Launch of UpperCrust magazine. The history of Indian wines would record that the leading producer Sula entered the fray in 1999 with Rajeev Samant who had returned from Stanford and looking

Delhi Wine Club

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