No. 637: : February 18, 2015

Assistant Editor : Natasha Vohra

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ProWein 2015 : International Trade Fair Wines and Spirits
Sula Vineyards
KRSMA Estates Pvt. Ltd.
Aspri Spirits Pvt. Ltd.
Grover Zampa
Fratelli Wines
Restaurant Feature: Indian Sparkling Wines Tasted Blind at DWC Dinner
Feb 16: In an effort to promote the consumption of Indian sparkling wines, Indian Wine Academy organised a blind tasting of all the sparkling wines currently available in India from Sula, Grover-Zampa, Fratelli and York for select members of the Delhi Wine Club at Amreli Restaurant where the general consensus was that these wines were delicious and drinkable on any occasion, writes Subhash Arora who conducted the blind tasting for the second

KRSMA: Wine Marathon Couple to Launch K2
Feb 11: Bubbling with excitement after setting another world record of running 7 half - marathons in 7 continents in 7 days, the wine marathon couple, Krishna and Uma Prasad Chigurupati are back in India to score historical and noteworthy feats in the wine business, including the release of the second label K2, and launch in New York, writes Subhash Arora who met them over lunch at the House of Ming at Hotel Taj Mahal during their flying visit to Delhi

Longest Reserve Table from Jacob’s Creek Wines in Delhi
Feb 12: In order to give the taste of a wide range of their offerings, Jacob’s Creek is organizing a single ‘Reserve Table’ Dinner on March 1 for the wine lovers of Delhi outside the premier Japanese Restaurant, Akira Back at Hotel JW Marriott where 100 people sitting across the single largest laid out table in India will enjoy the multi-specialty cuisines with their wines. The World’s Most Awarded Winery of 2014 is presenting its unique global concept

Callous Customs Creating Confusion and Calamity
Feb 13: After the FSSAI tsunami that hit the wine and spirit importers for almost one year, the Delhi importers are now in the middle of a crisis with the Customs Department as their latest scourge, causing practically no clearance of fresh consignments in January and the stocks finally being cleared at a snail’s pace, resulting in further loss of sales, writes Subhash Arora. Wine may be healthy for the consumer when taken in moderation but it is not

Indian Grapes in French and Australian Bubbles
Feb 18: It may be difficult to comprehend by an ordinary Indian wine drinker but it would appear from a media report that the domestic Thomson Seedless grapes have become an integral part of certain French sparkling wines and Australian wines despite the two biggest exporters of wine to India being also major grape producers. These grapes formed the backbone of a majority of the Indian sparkling wines including Marquis de Pompadour from Chateau

Wine Cup during the Cricket World Cup 2015
Feb 11: India will hopefully be a formidable side in the Cricket World Cup 2015 starting on February 14 and find a place in the Finals on March 29 but it does not find a spot in the tri-nation face-off in wines between New Zealand, Australia and England to celebrate the Cricket World Cup and would have to wait out a few Cups to be invited to participate. The Cricket pitch is not the only place where New Zealand, Australia and England will be battling it

Delhi Wine Club

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