No. 635: : January 29, 2014

Assistant Editor : Natasha Vohra

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Blog: Contrast of Wine Cultures in Australia vs. India
Jan 27: January 26 is an important day for both Australia where it is Australia Day and India where it is our Republic Day but due to the cultural difference Aussies celebrate it with wine as an important ingredient whereas in India it is a ‘Dry Day’ when no alcohol may be sold or served in hotels, restaurants, clubs or consumed in any other public place and there is no question of wine served during the banquets for the visiting US President Barack Obama. I wasn’t

Delhi Wine Club Dinner: Prosecco Tasting Blind
Jan 29: A blind tasting of 12 Prosecco and Spumante Rose from the Prosecco region conducted by the Indian Wine Academy at Amalfi Restaurant for members of the Delhi Wine Club and some quasi-professional tasters threw up surprising results as happens often with such tastings, with the Top two bubbles being the cheapest in the market, writes Subhash Arora who has 40 international wine competitions under his belt as a judge and used his

Government Abolishes Prohibition in Mizoram
Jan 22: Less than two months after tabling the motion, the government of the dry North Eastern State of India, Mizoram has concluded that it is an expensive and illogical way to control drinking through prohibition and has repealed the law with effect from 16 January, 2015 after 17 years of prohibition, making it legal for people over 21 Years of age to drink and allow them to buy 6 bottles of liquor a month. This is in sharp contrast to Kerala which

The Versatile Wine-Searcher Online
Jan 28: The popular online portal listing wine prices in different currencies and for global shipping of over 50,000 price lists, totalling 6.7 million wine offers, has become the Google of wine prices with a much improved software that helps it categorize 50 of the Most Expensive Wines in the world, further sub-categorizing by 10 most important countries including France, Italy and USA, and several other key features making it one of the indispensable wine tools,

USA and Italy Top Total and Per Capita Consumption
Jan 27: Americans continue to drink maximum amount of wine in the world for 4th year in a row with about 340 million 9-liter cases consumed in 2014. Italians drink the most wine per capita at 48 liters and Germany continues to be the biggest consumer of sparkling wine and the biggest importer in the world, according to a study conducted by the London-based IWSR and commissioned by the biennial wine show Vinexpo 2015 to be held on June 14-18

Champagne Glass is Half- Full
Jan 29: Champagne producers are happy with their glass as half full; after a fall in the shipments since the peak in 2007 the market has been stable for 3 years with sales increasing 1% by volume in 2014 and hitting €4.5 billion but they seem to overlook that Prosecco would have increased its sales to perhaps 330-340 million bottles, further increasing the gap between the two leading bubblies. Prosecco would perhaps never be able to beat Champagne

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