No. 630: : December 16, 2014

Assistant Editor : Natasha Vohra

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Winery Feature : Alpine-The new wave Winery in Karnataka
Dec 16: Several new wave wineries have been coming up in India during this decade, based on passion, financial support and quality vision. Alpine is one such winery in Karnataka that created waves with the quality and huge investments when the first vintage came out in 2012 but due to some family issues the future course is not certain even if good quality is, writes Subhash Arora who visited the winery last month-end during a visit to Bangalore. Located in Karnataka, off the Bangalore Mysore Highway, 120 kms away and 3 hours drive southwest of the

Masterclass on Wines from COW in the USA
Dec 11: The American Consulate General Mumbai U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) hosted a Wine Masterclass last Monday to introduce select wine media to the diversity of wines and styles offered by California, Oregon and Washington at the ITC Grand Central Hotel, conducted by Sonal Holland, the country’s highest qualified wine professional and currently the Beverage Manager for the ITC Hotels group in India. Our Mumbai correspondent Rishi Vohra CSW, Round tables adorned the centre of the modest yet elegant ballroom.

VDEWS 2014 : Wines of Armenia at Villa d’Este
Dec 15: Armenia, one of the twelve erstwhile Republics of the former USSR, considered to be the oldest wine producing nations of the world, like Georgia, was selected as the Country of Honour at the Villa d’Este Wine Symposium (VDEWS) in Italy last month. The delegates could also taste wines from Golden Grapes ArmAs winery whose CEO Victoria Aslanian made a presentation on Armenian wines. Subhash Arora reports, The young and charming CEO, Victoria Aslanian was in upbeat mood as she rose to address the audience at the seminar

India Eldorado for Crimean Wines
Dec 15: Ar Many importers, producers and consumers may not be aware that Crimea is now again a part of Russia or that it produces good quality wine and that the export of these wines might also have been on the agenda during the recent flying visit of President Putin accompanied by Sergey Aksyonov, Prime Minister of Crimea, who believe India is the Eldorado for the Crimean wines besides the lucrative Chinese market although Subhash Arora opines it is an uphill task. Those of us who have been following the happenings in Ukraine earlier this year would perhaps

Cheers to a Conference with Champagne in Champagne
Dec 12:The delegates to the 7th Annual International Wine Tourism Conference & Workshop to be organized on April 8-10 next year will say Cheers with champagne as the Conference is being organized by Wine Pleasures in Champagne, writes Subhash Arora who suggests bloggers, travel agents, writers and other eligible professionals to avail of the opportunity to visit the land of world’s most loved sparkling wine and meet like- minded enthusiasts. Known popularly as IWINETC, the Conference is being organized in La Champagne, one of the most

Sentiments Positive for Fine Wines 2015
Dec 16: After disappointing market performance by collectible Fine Wines during the last three years, there has been a positive sentiment with the latest prices showing an increase, with the experts optimistic about an increase in 2015 prices, perhaps bringing some smiles for the fine wines collectors who have seen the prices dip in recent years. Market sentiments on the collectible Fine Wines seem to have turned for the better in the final quarter of 2014. In contrast to the previous three years when the early rise gave fall in the prices in the subsequent quarters

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