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No. 420 : : November 24, 2010

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Blog: Gutka vs. Grapes of Gewürz or Grenache
A cursory look at a recent newspaper report would have made people feel sick and mad as they read about two gutka families being united in a matrimonial alliance on November 18 in Delhi, planning to get a bevy of Bollywood stars that alone would cost Rs. 250 million, more than last year’s profits of the entire wine industry.Shah Ruk
Restaurant Feature: Olive Wine Bar inaugurated at the Beach
Olive Beach opened the Wine Bar with clinking of hundreds of wine glasses in its restaurant last Saturday in the presence of Michel Laroche from France with wines from his estates in Chablis, Punto Nino in Casablanca in Chile and L’Avenir in Stellenbosch, South Africa, accompanied by bonhomie that has become a traditio
Sardinian Argiolas Surfaces in India
Aspri Spirits has launched a range of wines from Sardinia-perhaps a first from this Italian administered island-the second largest in Mediterranean after Sicily, although it produces only 0.1% of all Italian wines. Argiolas wines are for connoisseurs with loose purse strings or for those who are bored with existing wines, writes Subhash Arora
Nashik Wine Cluster under Formation
In order to cut down the production cost and help marketing of wines, Nashik is forming a wine cluster with heavy subsidy from the state and central government, which would be an independent ROC- registered company looking after the interest of the shareholders who will be entrepreneurs from the region, with a heavy subsidy fr
Wine & Health: Wine may be good for Diabetes Patients
Some red wines contain such high levels of polyphenols that play a key role in the health benefits of wine by acting as antioxidants which prevent cell damage, that a single glass has equivalent bioactivity to several daily doses of an anti-diabetes drug, say Austrian scientists based on a study using mostly Austrian red wines.Polyph
Wine & Health: Women Glide to Healthy Old Age with Wine
Middle-aged women who enjoy a couple of glasses of wine a day tend to enjoy a healthier old age, according to two new US studies using data from the landmark Nurses' Health Study started in 1976, and concluding that moderate drinking can lead to successful ageing with less risk of stroke.Results from US studies suggest that
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