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No. 152 : : August 10, 2007

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Interview with Winemaker: Lucio Matricardi de Big Banyan
If Paul John of Chateau de Banyan were the filmy Producer of 'Big B Wines of Bangalore', Lucio Matricardi would certainly be labelled as the Italian Director. He is the man who orchestrates the grapes
Robert Parker Rates Spanish Rosés High
Robert Parker has devoted one of his latest columns in Business Week to praise the good health of rosé wines. After considering the changes that these wines have undergone in their quest for quality over the
Italian Study: Wine may offer oral protection
Recent research at the University of Pavia in Italy has found that both white wine and red wine may help prevent cavities, tooth decay and sore throats by the proliferation of streptococci, a type of bacteria
Weird Wine World of USA
The Indian wine lawmakers would take solace in the fact that it is not lonly in India but US also has archai and arbitrary laws because of its Federal nature like ours. Just one such law stipulates that
Metro unperturbed over Bharti Wal-Mart Proposed Entry
German retail giant Metro AG does not feel threatened by the entry of the recently announced Bharti Wal-Mart Cash & Carry joint venture. The company feels it has the first mover advantage and is gearing
Space will be the bottleneck for Retail Space
Industry analysts say the shortfall in space is so acute that looking at the current growth of 25 per cent in the retail industry, India needs around 400 million square feet of real estate. But the rental costs
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