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No. 150 : : August 03, 2007

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Wine Dinner: Special Treat for a Special Anniversary
When the Delhi Wine Club raised yet another toast to its most significant milestone yet - its fifth anniversary - this past Sunday, the Hyatt pulled out all the stops to serve a truly memorable meal where the
Interview: Abhay Kewadkar- the Wineman from UB Group
Abhay Kewadkar, the ex-Grover winemaker now heading the wine division of USL, a UB group company was in Delhi recently. In a personal chat with Subhash Arora, he shared his views on the Indian wine
Survey shows Young Americans prefer Beer to Wine
About two-thirds of U.S. adults drink alcohol, according to a new Gallup poll on alcohol consumption. The majority prefer beer with wine drinkers losing out. Liquor is the distant last choice, reports CBS News.
Alcohol May Increase Bowel Cancer Risk
A new report by the Cancer Research disturbingly claims that drinking a daily pint of beer or a large glass of wine increases your risk of bowel cancer by around 10 per cent. It also suggests that the more
States free to restrict entry of big retail
State governments are not only allowed to set up their own restrictive policies on the marketing and taxation of wine, whiskies and other alcohols, they also have power to restrict the entry of retail.
Taj Looking for Bridge over Troubled Waters in USA
Earlier this year Taj group checked into the US market in style by buying out two luxury properties, Ritz Carlton in Boston and Campton Place at San Francisco, for a whopping $230 million. But it is already facing
Bharti predicts 8-fold increase in organised Retail in 8 years
Organised retail sector, currently pegged at around US $13 billion is expected to jump eight-fold to US$ 110 billion in eight years according to Rajan Mittal, JMD of Bharti Enterprises, while speaking at a
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