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eNewsletter No. 144 : : July 11, 2007

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EDITORIAL : Removal of Additional Customs Duty a Mixed Bag
Scrapping of Additional Customs Duty (ACD) will be a boon to the overseas liquor industry, as also our importers who will benefit from the increased sale due to an overnight price drop of up to 30% in retail. Wine producers abroad may not benefit uniformly. In fact, the premium wine will paradoxically, become more expensive,
French Vintage 2007 in Trouble due to Heavy Rains
Two months of almost continuous rain threaten to ruin large parts of the French wine harvest this year, especially in Bordeaux. Some small vineyards have already lost their entire crop to a form of
U.S. mulls over India's ACD Withdrawal
U.S. trade officials said on Friday they are mulling whether to continue a world trade court challenge against India after New Delhi said it would drop hefty duties on wine and spirits. "We are studying India's

Global Warming : English Crops washed out
English crops that benefited a lot because of a run of dry springs and hot summers in recent years due to global warming, face gloomy prospects due to the recent rainstorms and cold snap, reports The
Hilton Buyout by Blackstone not to affect India Operations

The $ 26 Billion buyout of US- based Hilton Hotels Corp. by the private equity giant, Blackstone Group is not expected to affect Hilton' s business commitments in India, feel industry analysts .

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