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 Assistant Editor : Natasha Vohra No. 217 : : May 13, 2008
Delhi Government Chickens Out
The cabinet of Delhi government cabinet met yesterday to discuss the new Delhi Excise Bill 2007 and once again displayed its lack of will to take decisions which are rational but politically sensitive by maintaining
India World Player in 50 Years
With potential to embrace wine in a big way and the economic muscle to dictate to producers what style of wine they should make, India is expected to be a world player in wine by 2058, predicts a Future
Zampa Zooms in to Zap Zinzi
In a seeming war of words, Deepak Roy, the former blue eyed boy of UB's Vijay Mallya, who had left him a few years ago and joined his competitor and later set up his own wine business, claims he is zooming in
Moderate Drinking May Still Cause Cancer
The new Australian finding that even drinking moderate amounts of alcohol daily can significantly increase the risks of developing certain cancers such as breast, bowel, throat and mouth, will warm the
Bottlenecks for Brunello in the US
The Brunello controversy will begin to hurt the producers even more when the US bans the import of Brunello reds without a lab report certifying the authenticity of the grape composition according to
Pantaloon to Expand Central Malls
Pantaloon Retail (India), the flagship company of the Future group promoter Kishore Biyani, is expanding its retail chain 'Central' by setting up new mall format stores according to a news report published
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