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No. 893 : : October 03, 2021
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Blog: Delhi Government ushers in Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti in style
Oct 02: Next Chapter of the Delhi government’s latest Excise Policy on wine and alcohol unfolded yesterday, just in time to celebrate the 152nd birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, the beloved Father of the Nation, who abhorred alcohol so much that that he had Article 47 inserted in the Constitution, gifting the powers of determining the marketing

South Australia plans to further penetrate Indian Wine Market
Oct 03: According to a Media Release on 29 September 2021 by Stephen Patterson MP on the official website of the government of South Australia which makes over 60% of the country’s production including the ubiquitous Jacob’s Creek, has launched a 12-month long South Australian Indian Wine Expansion Program that will feature

Judima Tribal Rice Wine of Assam gets GI Tag
Oct 01: Made from sticky rice, steamed and mixed with traditional herbs, the tribal wine called JUDIMA with a distinct sweet taste, produced by the Dimasa women tribe of Assam, was granted a GI tag last week, making it the first wine that the tribal district of North East India to have received the prestigious GI, writes Subhash Arora

China: Exports of Ningxia Wines Boom despite Pandemic
Sep 18: Although wines from Ningxia have had a special place in the Chinese local market as well as exports, they received a boost from the fractured relations between Australia and China, recording an increase of 46.4% in 2020 despite a downward universal market trend, writes Subhash Arora who has been to the region a few times and

FTA: Australia- India set Ambitious Target of December 2022
Oct 03: What might seem to be physical implausible today, a target date of December 2022 for the FTA and an interim Agreement by the end of 2021 was announced last Thursday after the meeting between Piyush Goyal, India’s dynamic Commerce and Industry Minister and his Australian counterpart Dan Tehan, at a Press Conference

From Archives (2010): Brothers Bond to Bring Indo-Italian Blend
Oct 03: If every wine must have a unique and interesting story to tell, there would be plenty in the glass from Fratelli Wines, a collaborative joint venture between three sets of brothers, with the Seccis from Tuscany teaming with Sekhri siblings from Delhi and the Mohite-Patil brothers from Maharashtra- the three pairs launching three varietals in

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