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No. 888 : : July 29, 2021
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Sula Vineyards
A dynamic company engaged in the Import, Marketing, Sales and Distribution of International Wines, Spirits and Beer.
Aspri Spirits Pvt. Ltd.
Top Ten WOMEN Indian Winemakers in India
July 26: After a successful 3-part series of Top Ten Winemakers in India that was highly commended, delWine has brought out a List of Top Ten Women winemakers in India, including fruit wine and mead makers, compiled by Subhash Arora who encourages women to enter the industry to promote gender equality and wine culture in

Study: Tourists to Goa prefer Beer and Whisky to Wine
July 26: While the local Goans are known to love their Port wines (fortified wines) due to higher alcohol content and sweet flavours , a recent Study on the tourists suggests that the male tourists prefer beer and whiskey as their top favourite alcoholic drinks while beer followed by wine is the top alcohol beverages for women visitors to the

Diageo exits Alcohol Home Delivery Business with 98% Loss
July 28: Keeping in line with the stated policy of exiting the non-core businesses, the board of United Spirits Ltd., an arm of the global spirits major Diageo, has decided to exit from start-up liquor delivery firm, Hip Bar Pvt Ltd. at a loss of 98%, practically wiping out the whole investment of 26%, ostensibly due to the complex regulatory system

GRANGE: Up, Up and Away in my beautiful Cocoon
July 21: Penfolds Grange, the iconic wine from Australia, usually accepted as the best Australian wine, was sold last week at an Auction for an astronomical amount of A$142,000 (US $ 105,000) for the first, un-commercialised 1951 vintage with the label signed by Max Schubert, the Chief Winemaker at the time, writes Subhash Arora who

Australian Wines enter China through Hong Kong
July 21: Australian wine companies were hit because of astronomical taxes by China last November of up to 218% beating even India’s high import duties of 150%, but that the market is being now partially serviced through Hong Kong, and with the increasing push in the UK market, exports have managed to be only 10% lower than last

Top Ten WOMEN Indian Winemakers in India (Part-2)
July 23: After a successful series of Top Ten Indian Winemakers under 40, delWine showcased 5 out of the 10 Top Ten Women Indian winemakers in Part-1. This concluding part recognised Ashmita Uday Pol (Sula Vineyards), Tamanna Agarwal (KRSMA), Priyanka Gupta (Zorba), Dr. Ashwini Deore (Cerana Mead) Tage Rita

From Archives (2011): Kanwal Grover of GV Passes Away
July 28: Kanwal Grover Founder of Grover Vineyards in 1988 and a Doyen of the Indian wine industry passed away yesterday at the age of 85 in Mumbai after an illness of 2-3 months. He would have been 86 on August 4, says bereaved Kapil Grover, Director of GV, adding that the family had been planning a celebration for his 86th

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