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No. 886 : : July 13, 2021
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IICCI: Divine Food and Wine Match at Masterclass @Diva_Italian
July 13: After a few aborted attempts to have an Italian Wine Masterclass during the current Pandemic, the Indo- Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IICCI) was finally able to organise one on July 9 at the Diva Restaurant at the Italian Embassy, New Delhi, conducted by Cavaliere Subhash Arora, aided by Luca Bernardini in Italy who

Renaud Society : Nascent Wine Industry in India
July 13: Wine culture is nascent but slowly catching on in India, historically, known for its hard liquor drinkers. Modern day wine production was pioneered by the now defunct Champagne Indage with French collaboration in the 1980’s to produce and export sparkling wine Omar Khayyam but varietals were introduced by Grover and Sula

Late Steven Spurrier Recognised by Gerard Basset Foundation
July 07: The industry legend Steven Spurrier, a former wine merchant known for organising the Judgement of Paris 1976, who became a prolific writer, judge, critic and a winemaker and passed away in March this year, was honoured last night by the Gerard Basset Foundation with The Oeno Golden Vines Honorary Award given to his wife

TechTalk: Climate Change and Consequences of not Adapting
July 13: It has been widely known that the quality of grapes and the wine are related to climate yet a great majority of grow continue to carry on with their old practices as if nothing has changed and so the wine remains insufficiently stabilised and would not mature as it should, writes John Salvi MW, who explains why the finest red wines are

Russia ready to roll out its Own Champagne
July 04: In what could be considered a kick-on-the-butt for European businesses or a bout of protectionism, Russian parliament passed on Friday a legislation that prohibits any sparkling wine including Champagne to be called a Champagne unless it is made in Russia, writes Subhash Arora who feels it is totally unjustified and would be

From Archives (2010): India Scores at Hong Kong IWSC
July 13: India participated for the first time at the Hong Kong International Wine and Spirits Competition with merely 3 wines out of 1300 entered, but unconfirmed results suggest that two wines scored Bronze medals at the largest pan-Asian competition in its second year, reports writes Subhash Arora who was one of the judges.

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