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No. 859 : : September 30, 2020
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JAI HO to Meghalaya for Legalising Fruit Wines
Sep 28: The passionate fruit wine makers of Meghalaya with abundance of fruits like grapes, Mandarin orange, mulberry, litchi, banana, pineapple, strawberry, Sohiong and Soh Phoh has reasons to celebrate during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic with the State legalising fruit wine production, writes Subhash Arora who attended the Fruit

World Tourism Day: Grape Park in Nashik to promote Wine Tourism
Sep 28: Maharashtra celebrated the World Tourism Day on Sunday 27 September in grand style by inaugurating the first grape park in Nashik and the CM Uddhav Thackeray launching the first grape park resort developed by MTDC, writes Subhash Arora who believes it is an excellent step that will give a big boost to wine tourism and help

OIV: Innovating in wine tourism in the context of COVID-19
Sep 28: OIV organized a Webinar along with the UNWTO on September 22 with an all-women panel from South Africa, Argentina, Chile, France, Italy and Spain sharing their country experiences on dealing with Covid-19 and highlighting the importance of local markets, new partnerships, more open-air experiences and digital

Caballo Loco 17: Crazy Horse from Chile for Wine Connoisseurs
Sep 25: The Chilean super premier wine Caballo Loco 17 is a unique wine as it is made by Solera method but primarily with Bordeaux grapes and at the Retail Price of Rs. 8000-10,500, it is an excellent food wine for connoisseurs, writes Subhash Arora who has seen its evolution in India for 15 years and had an occasion to

Covid Immunity Wonder Garlic helps against Powdery Mildew
Sep 30: There has been a lot of focus on Garlic in our diet recently during Covid-19 with experts concurring globally on its immunity building properties, so it is not surprising that the claim made by a French viticulturists Anthony Chaudron in Champagne, who claims that the fungus on the vines does not feel comfortable and the anti-fungal

From Archives (2002) : This Chile is Hot
Sep 30: There has been a lot of Chile in the air recently. Several new and existing importers of wine in India have been rushing to Chile and getting into the fray for getting its wines to India. The reason is not difficult to understand. Chile produces good wines at very reasonable price. ProChile organized a Chilean Wine Festival at the Hotel

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