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No. 856 : : August 31, 2020
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Obituary: Shamrao Chougule- Pioneer and Wine Visionary is No More
Aug 23: Shamrao G. Chougule, who ruled the modern Indian wine industry for over 20 years died in Mumbai this morning at the age of 86; the founder of Champagne India Ltd. And Indage Vintners, leaves behind his son Ranjit who cremated the body today in Mumbai and Vikrant who lives in London and could not be present due to Covid-19

Diageo sold Four Seasons Winery at Rs. 31.86 crores, losing over £2 Mn
Aug 25: Diageo which bought a majority stake in United Spirits from Vijay Mallya and landed with The Four Seasons Winery, had sold it finally to Grover Vineyards through Ravi Viswanathan, the PE investor from Singapore and the current majority shareholder and Chairman of Grover Zampa Vineyards, for Rs. 31.86 crores rupees, at a book

China Launches Anti-Dumping Probe against Australian Wines
Aug 19: China’s Ministry of Commerce announced an anti-dumping probe into Australian wine imports yesterday, causing worry to the industry already reeling under CoronaVirus, drought and fall in world economy, writes Subhash Arora who believes it is a political move by China which has India and the world turn against it in recent times

Launch: Somanda launches Anarkali Wine from Pomegranates
Aug 31: With the launch of fruit wine from pomegranates and labelled as Anarkali, Nashik-based Somanda Vineyards has expanded its horizons beyond the conventional grape wine and has introduced two versions, off-dry (slightly sweet) and a sweeter version styled as Medium Sweet, which might be attractive to those who enjoy

Younger Wines healthier than Cellared Wines
Aug 21: If you can't wait to uncork your bottle of red wine, rather than cellar it, you may be doing your health a favour; a new study of 16 wines from Australia and New Zealand has found that the levels of healthy antioxidants, existing mostly in red grapes, decrease significantly over time with researchers reporting the resveratrol with proven

From Archives (2004): London Wine Show 2004 concludes
Aug 31: The London International Wine and Spirits Fair 2004 concluded successfully on May 20th. The 3-day show held at the Excel Conference Center in the dockland area of London was attended by over 10,000 visitors during the first two days compared to a total of 12000 last year. About 14000 people visited the Fair, writes Subhash Arora

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