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No. 854 : : August 14, 2020
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Fratelli may soon lead Wine-in Can (WIC) Segment in India
Aug 08: With a small sales base of $2 million in 2012, the global wine-in-can (WIC) segment has jumped over 90 times in 8 years with sales of about 1.8 million cases recording a jump of 68% last year alone, making Indian industry also take note with Fratelli bringing out 5 variants in a couple of weeks from Akluj and Karnataka plant

Restaurant Feature: Nadodi in KL Rewarding Experience not only for Nomads
Aug 04: Nadodi Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur offering modern South Indian cuisine elevating rustic ingredients and traditional dishes using modern gastronomic techniques and presenting them with sensorial flair, was a rewarding experience for our guest writer Yegas Naidoo from South Africa with South Indian lineage and she feels it could

Wine Windows of Tuscany offer perfect Social Distancing
Aug 12: Buchette del Vino, Windows of Wine (WOW) built by wineries and wine shop owners, restaurants and inns in Tuscany when Italy was plagued with the Bubonic Plague pandemic in the 17th century, are small windows for contact-less delivery, that found no use for centuries but are getting back in fashion now in the Covid times,

Andhra may reduce Covid Tax on Alcohol
Aug 14: In their enthusiasm to collect higher taxes, the State governments tend to ignore the negative social impacts, as was seen with the Andhra Pradesh government increasing prices by 75% after liquor sales were opened in early May during lockdown. The astronomical prices pushed consumption of sanitizers and increased liquor smuggling

Champagne Sales to nosedive to 200 million bottles this Year
Aug 03: The sales of the world famous celebratory fizz champagne have been coming down slowly from their peak of around 330 million bottles to 302 million bottles in 2018 and under 300 million in 2019 but are set to crash to around 200 million bottles in 2020 thanks to Covid-19, necessitating control of yields and promotional measures like

Archives (2003): Angelo Gaja all praise for Indian White Wines
July 28: Angelo Gaja created history of sorts when he introduced his Nebbiolo wines from Barbaresco, a small village of Piedmont, Italy for more than $200 per bottle. Dubbed as the Prince of Piedmont by the Wine Spectator and one of the top wine producers of Italy by experts and critics, he changed the earlier Italian philosophy of producing bulk

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