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No. 845 : : May 09, 2020
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Blog: Alcohol Sale becomes a Darling Topic for Media
May 06: Since the new guidelines during Lockdown 3.0 by the government allowed opening the sale of wine and liquor in States that so desired, there has been a mixed reception by the States that allowed selling in a controlled fashion and following social distancing, the thirsty alcoholics and pleasure seekers thronged the wine and liquor shops ahead of them opening and throwing all caution to the winds, reports Subhash Arora. The most shameful

Supreme Court suggests Home Delivery of Liquor during Covid Pandemic
May 08: For the first time, a direction and positive suggestion from the Supreme Court comes today with the bench refusing to pass any order to ban liquor sales but recommending that States should consider indirect sale /home delivery of liquor to maintain social distancing, while rejecting a PIL to ban sales for this reason, writes Subhash Arora. Supreme Court has refused today (Friday) to pass an order to ban liquor sales in the middle of the

Liquor Shops in India to open with Conditions from May 4
May 01: With the 2-week extension of Lockdown in India for the third phase, starting from May 4, wisdom has dawned on the government of India and it has allowed a limited opening of liquor and wine shops, tobacco and pan shops in the orange and green zones, albeit with several conditions. Instead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi making the announcement of further extension of Lockdown from May 4 to May 17, Ministry of Health Affairs (MHA)

Star Interview: Lenz Moser- Winemaker of Chateau Changyu Moser XV Ningxia China
May 09: China and Austria may be in lockdown but Chateau Changyu Moser XV wine estate near Yinchuan in Ningxia in Northwest China, in which Austrian winemaker Lenz Moser has been involved from the very beginning in the viticulture, winemaking and overseeing of sales in Europe, is open and producing wine though Lenz has been managing to operate from his home in Frauenkirchen in Burgenland and continues the dialogue between the

Chianti Classico Gran Selezione might find Competitor in Chianti Gran Selezione
May 08: I was quite disturbed last November reading a report saying that Chianti docg would also introduce a Grand Selezione category to implicitly compete with Chianti Classico Gran Selezione introduced in 2014 as the highest quality in the hierarchy, and I went to attend the annual Tuscan Marathon this year bewildered and amused, says Subhash Arora who was glad to learn that no formal application had been made so far and now Chianti Classico

OIV: World Wine Production back to Global Average in 2019
April 27: After two volatile years 2017 and 2018 which saw a record high production of 294 Million hL, the global wine production saw a drop of 12% at 260 million HL, thus bringing it in line with the world average production in this millennium whereas the consumption has been estimated at 244 million- practically same as last year, according to Pau Roca, Director General of OIV, who conducted a web conference from his office in Paris last week, writes

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