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No. 841 : : March 07, 2020
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Wine Feature: Nascent Wine Industry in India
March 02: Wine culture is nascent but slowly catching on in India-known for its hard liquor drinkers with the modern day wine production pioneered by the now defunct Champagne Indage with foreign collaboration in the 1980’s but varietals pioneered by Grover and Sula in the mid-late 1990’s, but the bureaucracy and government policies are a hurdle to its progress with the government treating wine at par with liquor which has a social stigma attached to

Wine Tourism: Soma Vine Village progressing as Wine Destination
March 05: Soma Vine Village, a boutique winery concept with a full resort, is progressing at a steady pace with 24 labels in its portfolio and several facilities for visitors, writes Sheetal Kadam who spent a day at Soma Vine Village during her recent visit to Nashik, with Pradeep Pachpatil and the Italian winemakers Alessandra and Luca Terassi who she had met last year and shares her experience. Pradeep Pachpatil, CMD of Soma Vineyards comes

ProWein 2020 postponed by one year to March 2021
March 06: The Prowein 2020 scheduled to have been organised on March 15-17, 2020 in Düsseldorf was postponed last week with new dates to be announced soon and now Messe Düsseldorf, the organisers have announced that it would be held on the regular trade fair dates of 21-23 March, 2021 which in effect means that the current edition has been cancelled and not postponed, writes Subhash Arora. The ProWein 2020 had to be postponed due to the

Unlikely lower drinking age in Chandigarh Policy 2020-21
March 04: Despite pleas from various interest groups, the new Excise Policy for Chandigarh U.T. is not expected to reduce the legal drinking age from the current 25 years to 21 although majority of hotels, restaurants and bars in the city are least bothered about this age as they flout the rules openly, like in other cities/states like Union Territory of Delhi. The Chandigarh administration is unlikely to accept the demand of the Chandigarh Hospitality Association

Tuscan Tasting: Arrighi experiments with Wine from Grapes under Sea
March 07: One has heard and seen a lot of cases by now of ageing of wine under sea/lake water after the successful finding of Champagne bottles a few years ago in a sea wreck, but it was interesting to taste a wine labeled as Nesos by winemaker Antonio Arrighi in Elba, from grapes immersed under sea, writes Subhash Arora who tasted the wine at the Tuscan Tasting in Florence last month and found it savoury and unique white. A unique experiment is being

ProWein in March by Messe Düsseldorf postponed due to Coronavirus
March 01: Barely two weeks before one of the world’s biggest wine shows was to be held by Messe Düsseldorf GmbH, it has announced postponing the trade fair ProWein because of Coronavirus scare from March 15-17 with new dates to be announced in close coordination with all partners involved, according to a Press Release by the organizers who have also postponed other shows in Europe like Wire, Tube, Beauty, Top Hair and Energy

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