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No. 838 : : February 07, 2020
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SulaFest 2020: India’s biggest Vineyard Music Festival cruising along
Feb 05: The recently concluded SulaFest has been a soulful but mixed bag of experiences, impressions and perceptions for Sheetal Kadam who has been visiting SulaFest for almost four years but second time as a Correspondent for delWine and feels that India’s biggest vineyard music festival hosted by Sula Vineyard is cruising along on a similar pattern every year but still giving new experience to the visitors. Sula Vineyards, India’s

Chef Hirotoshi Ogawa: Sushi Masterchef on Global Mission promoting Japanese Cuisine
Feb 06: The embassy of Japan organised a commendable evening with a Lec-dem by Chef Hirotoshi Ogawa, the Sushi Masterchef who is currently the global goodwill ambassador for Japanese Cuisine, along with Masterchef Pankaj Bhadouria (2010) followed by an evening of delicious Japanese dishes complemented by Sake and Gin based cocktails, writes Subhash Arora who had an exclusive interview with both the Chefs earlier and was totally

Subhash Arora passed on Baton but Wine keeps flowing in his Veins
Feb 07: The indefatigable Subhash Arora has left indelible mark on the international arena as ‘wineguy’ from India; the globetrotter by choice, is the quintessential wine lover who wears many hats with the ease of a gladiator, says an Article in the SPIRITZ magazine with a global readership in its February 2020 edition released today. The interview was taken at the 300th Champagne Brunch of the Delhi Wine Club where he voluntarily stepped down as

Exceptional Italian Gastronomical Experience from Artusi in February
Feb 02: Italian Specialty Restaurant Artusi has opened the doors to its ‘vaults’ with premier wines at both its restaurants in Greater Kailash-II and Gurgaon with four categories of Italian wines and champagnes, costing Rs. 4000, Rs.7000, Rs.10 000 and Rs.20000 each with special 3 and 4 course meals at Rs. 1990 and Rs. 2290 (+taxes) each, giving wine aficionados an opportunity of a super deluxe experience, writes Subhash Arora who

Australia sets Record for average bottle price for Export
Feb 05: Australia closed the year 2019 with an export of $2.91 billion, an increase of 3% by value setting a new record for the average price per bottle, even though the volumes were down, especially in the lower value segment, writes Subhash Arora who feels the exports to their biggest market China will suffer a blow in 2020 due to the coronavirus devastating its biggest market, with no idea of impact at the present time. Australian exports grew

Alarming Fall in Bordeaux Wine Prices
Feb 07: The very name of Bordeaux conjures up images of the Five classified Growths of Bordeaux, Petrus, Le Pin and Cheval Blanc which command astounding prices in the market place, making Bordeaux an aspirational brand in India for years, but on the other end of the spectrum is Bordeaux where a majority of producers find it hard to sell their wines and the plummeting prices of up to less than one Euro a liter, have made many producers shut

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