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No. 837 : : January 30, 2020
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Star Interview: SAM Conversations with Subhash Arora on Wine Cluture
Jan 26: In a candid interview styled chat in which Tarun Basu, President of Society for Policy Studies posed several questions about the growing wine culture in India including the known government impediments and how China has come along so much and so fast, Subhash Arora cleared several misgivings as a part of Sam Conversations organised by South Asia Monitor to be broadcast in South Asian countries and a group of viewers in the US,

Maha Flip by Government may lift Prohibition in Chandrapur District
Jan 29: With dwindling revenues and a dangerously tight financial situation, the Maharashtra government has reportedly decided to lift prohibition in the Chandrapur District in the Vidarbha Division of Maharashtra soon, at the meeting organized last Tuesday when the recently appointed deputy chief minister Ajit Pawar belonging to the coalition government discussed revenue increase possibilities various departments came out with their

Prowein 2020: Bubbles from Champagne and other Regions
Jan 23: Fine bubbles from Champagne have enjoyed reputation as the elite top tier of the global sparkling wine hierarchy. With sparkling wines representing the fastest growing wine category in the last 25 years, they have delivered complex flavors that justified their stratospheric prices at times, but with an existential threat because of climate change and the frugal hedonist attitude of millennials shaping the market, delicious alternatives have

Choosing Wine to order with No Idea How To Select
Jan 29: Wine is undoubtedly one of the most popular drinks in the world that pairs with several dishes but it can also be confusing because of numerous styles and price ranges making it difficult to select the right wines for the meal. Our guest writer Beatrice Beard tries to unravel the mystery and guides our readers how to go about choosing a wine even if it means buying the cheapest wine on the Menu in a restaurant or a wine shop. Wine is one of the most

Wine Tourism: DiVine Wine Tours in Tuscany and Italian Regions
Jan 30: Antonio Sferlazzo, a wine passionate Italian consultant and journalist based in the Chianti wine district of Tuscany has been organizing individual and corporate customized private wine tours in Tuscany and other parts of Italy, for over 18 years for a select international clientele of wine lovers, and offers Tours specializing in Tuscany, Etna and Piedmont, Veneto through his company The DiVine Wine Tours, writes Subhash Arora who has been

Fraud unearthed by Police in Lombardy Wines
Jan 28: The Carabinieri police and finance fraud police unearthed a scam of fake wine amounting to over 1 million litres and arrested last week five people including the Chairman of a wine co-operative and a senior person of Italy’s Winemaker Association for allegedly counterfeiting Oltrepò Pavese DOC and DOP wines, writes Subhash Arora. Italian police arrested five people last Wednesday in a probe into allegedly counterfeit Oltrepò Pavese DOC wine

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