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No. 834 : : December 26, 2019
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Blog: Gloomy Outlook for the Indian Wine Industry
Dec 18: Barring the global meltdown of 2009-2011, the nascent Indian wine industry never had is so bad as this year with both the Indian and imported wines seeing the red flag, expecting a de-growth of 0-30% with an overall reduction expected at over 15% including imported wine, claims Subhash Arora who feels next year is destined to be difficult as well for Indian wines with damage to the current crops as high as 50% in some areas of Maharashtra due

Delhi Excise cancels all L-12 Licenses for Department Stores*
Dec 19: With the stroke of a pen, Mr. Sandeep Mishra, Deputy Commissioner (Excise), signed the death warrant today of the wine and beer business of 118 Licensees that were given the L-12 Licenses to sell beer and wine in department stores, thus pressing the Delete button on one of the best decisions taken by the department since wine was introduced in Delhi and appreciated by the consumers, especially women and novices. The department had

Star Interview: TV Celebrity Chef Varun Inamdar at Hill Zill Winery Resort
Dec 26: For the dinner organised by the Hill Zill Winery Resort where a 2-day Conference was organized on fruit wines by Priyanka Save and her husband Nagesh Pai, TV Chef Varun Inamdar came especially from Mumbai to curate a meal that was perhaps once-in a-life time opportunity for most, writes Subhash Arora who loved the forest to table Menu using local ingredients and each dish matched with wines from Sula/Fruzzante that inspired him to

Mundusvini Tasting: Tres Picos from Borsao in DO Campo di Borja-a Wine Nugget
Dec 25: At a Masterclass organised by Mundusvini during the last day of judging courtesy Wines of Spain (ICEX), which was very educative with 6 wines from the relatively new DO of Campo de Borja showcased, including Tres Picos from Borsao imported by Agnetta International in Gurgaon. This is an area offering the best of Garnacha from Aragon region, writes Subhash Arora who was one of the international judges attending the Masterclass and

Conference on Underwater wine ageing organised in Bilbao
Dec 24: At the first-ever underwater wine ageing Conference organised by the Cruso Treasure Winery in Itsasmuseum in Bilbao, delegates discussed the process of ageing wine under water for centuries inadvertently in sunken ships, developing a special character, paving way for experimentation with planned submerging of wine in sea, and discussed the challenges today and voiced concerns about wineries copying the style to benefit from the

Wine & Health: New Australian Health Guidelines Recommends 30% less Wine Intake
Dec 19: New Draft Guidelines from Australia's National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) announced on Monday recommends reduced alcohol consumption of 1.4 standard drinks as compared to 2 earlier , setting safe limits for the first time with the guidelines recommending pregnant women and lactating mothers not to drink alcohol at all, reports Subhash Arora. In Australia, a standard drink is any drink containing 10 grams of alcohol,

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